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Wilderlands: Session 50


This session was run on October 30, 2023.


13 Thawmist 4434


After taking advantage of the foul winter weather as an excuse to spend four weeks training, the party began preparation for their goblin scouting mission. Sir Grant offered Robert Boyter as his representative for the trip. Since they had previous experience with him, the party agreed to take him along.

They started by returning to Filmoth village in hopes of talking to Roderick Warden and Son Pau Kang about recent goblin activities in the area. As they approached the village, they could see that the defensive improvements they had suggested following the siege had not been implemented. The guard on duty at the gate recognized them and let them in. They were met by Terry Lee. The town elder, who told them that Roderick and Kang had left several months ago after Lady Rixia issued a warrant for Kang’s arrest. He did not know where they went after they left.

When questioned about goblin attacks since they broke the siege, Terry told them that there had not been another attack on the town, but there had been raids on the outlying farms by members of the Bone Crunchers, Purple Mushroom, and Hemogoblin tribes. They spent the night in town.


14 Thawmist 4434


Their next stop was Cozsari’s cave on the way west into the hills. Outside, they found signs that there had been traffic in and out of the cave since they were last there. The carefully entered the cave and found a trap set in the mouth. Stranger judged that it was the kind of trap usually set by rangers. Inside the cave they found signs that two people had been living in the first room. One of them had been making arrows. They also found disturbed earth in one corner of the chamber and dug it up to reveal the corpse of a dead bear. They decided that there was a good chance that Roderick and Kang had been living there, but it had been several weeks since they left. They decided to move on towards the Bone Crunchers’ lair.

As they moved westward through the mountains, they came across a flat area where they could see the tops of hundreds of carved rocks poking through the snow. They uncovered a few and decided that they must be gravestones, although any writing had long since been eroded by the passage of time. Gwythian informed them that there were legends of a battle fought in the area during the Gnoll Times where a king was killed and his magic sword was lost forever. He didn’t remember all the details but thought that perhaps with a library he could learn more. Duycken cast detect magic and all the gravestones in the spell’s radius glowed with lingering magic. They decided that the ground was too hard, and it was getting too dark, to dig anything up now and moved on.

As they moved closer to the Bone Crunchers’ lair, the started seeing goblin camps on the hill tops. Each one had between twenty-five and fifty goblins. They decided to circle around the lair about a mile away to see how many camps were in the area. The camps seemed to be scattered about randomly, sometimes there were several within a mile and in others they were sparser. They made it about halfway around the lair before they went back the area near the old battleground to camp for the night.


15 Thawmist 4434


In the morning, as they were breaking camp, a buzzard flew overhead, they wounded it with arrows, but failed to take it down. Just as it was about to fly out of range, Duycken had his turkey leap into the air to bring it within range of his magic missile spell and downed it. When they investigated the buzzard’s body, they found that it had been branded with a crude letter X.

As they worked on completing the circle around the lair they had seen the previous day, the noticed a solitary hilltop camp with no others in sight. As they watched it, it exploded.


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