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Wilderlands: Session 36

    This session was run on May 1 st , 2023 They continued heading east towards the beach with the rock rolling along beside them. They were not sure where they had washed ashore with respect to the various port cities on the coast, so the best plan was to reach the beach and then decide how to proceed from there. Around noon, the skies darkened and white flakes began to fall from the sky. As it was around 85 degrees, they realized that it could not be snow. It turned out to be ash. The ashfall was quickly mixed with a moderate rain. They discovered that the rain stung when it hit unprotected flesh and raised small red welts. Drex found shelter in a hollow beneath the roots of a large tree and they waited out the acid rain for a couple of hours before resuming their journey. They reached the water as it was getting dark and spent an uneventful night camped just off the beach. In the morning, they could see masts on the horizon to the north, but nothing to the so

Wilderlands: Session 35

    This session was run on April 17, 2023. For this session, we took a look at what happened to Uggmar and Creng after they went through the portal beneath the barrows. Creng went through first. The goblin looked around his new surroundings to find that he was standing beneath the open night sky. The stars were unfamiliar and three moons hung overhead; one red, one silver, and one blue. He was standing on top of a hill that was part of a line of hills stretching as far as he could see in the dark. To one side, he saw a forrested valley below him, to the other he saw a slope down to a vast plain of what appeared to be glass. He could hear a female voice, crying out in orcish, coming from the valley. It sounded like she was in pain. Crend made his way down the slope to the plain and saw that the glass that covered it was black like obsidian. He reached out to touch it and, despite not feeling any heat radiating from it, it burned his fingers on contact. As Cren