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Traveller: Session 18

  This session was run on February 2, 2023.   Aboard the Far Horizon   The crew was caught by surprise when every light aboard the ship went out at once. On the Computer Deck, Michael noticed that CASS (the onboard AI) was restarting. In engineering, Bob noticed that CASS disabled the physical light switches immediately before turning the lights out.   After waiting for the 15-minute restart procedure to complete, Michael determined that CASS reset due to a communication buffer overflow. She received over 300,000 communications from the surface in less than 30 seconds. CASS reset because her operating system was being overwritten following the overflow. Michael determined that the signals originated from over 3,000 different sites on the surface of the planet. He also learned that the first 15,000 communications were used to determine the correct handshake protocol. CASS indicated that any computer system capable of exploiting a loophole in her programmin

Traveller: Session 17

  This session was run on January 26, 2023.   While the team headed for the surface was sleeping, the rest of the crew divided their time between sleeping and running further scans and drone flights. Lukas flew a drone over Site 23 and observed that the radiation detected was coming from a collapsed cliff face. He verified that, even up close, the radiation levels should not be dangerous to humans.   Bob performed a fly over of Site 56 and spotted a yellow-colored area 50-100m down in the canyon. Jason analyzed the footage and opined that it was not surface sulfur.   Michael performed a lightside photo scan and found some linear features by an ancient shoreline, they labeled this as Site 51. He also discovered two groups of pressure ridges labeled Sites 34 and 22. They determined that linear features of that size were unlikely to be naturally occurring.   Hour 25   Sarah, piloting the lander, begins the de-orbital burn with no difficulty and are on

Traveller: Session 15

  This session was run on January 12, 2023.   Ishuggi and Margaret (Vland)   On 050-1117, news reached Vland that the Delphi sector fleets were fighting amongst themselves with some supporting Margaret’s claim and others supporting Lucan. Margaret issued a statement, to be broadcast in Delphi Sector, calling on the fleets to stop fighting and concentrate on securing the border and preparing to help repel any Solomani incursion into the Old Expanses. Ishuggi informed his advisors of the information regarding the Empress Wave that Strephon had disclosed in the meeting on Capital. He also sent an envoy to Regina (Deneb) to inform Duke Norris of the coming danger.   Adair (Capital)   Reports continue to come in from the front that Lucan’s fleets are making progress in Zarushagar towards Ilelish but Dulinor’s fleets were taking territory in Dagudashaag on their way to Core. In addition, Dulinor was having great success with lighting raids on commerce deep

Traveller: Session 14

    This session was run on January 5, 2023.   For this session, we returned to the Archdukes as they reached their home systems starting on 244-1116 when Brzk reached Antares.   Brzk   Brzk focused on securing the loyalty of the fleets assigned to his sector when he returned. He fired Admiral Cyrox, the sector admiral with whom he did not have a good relationship, and promoted Admiral Bryce in his place. He arrived too late to stop the Lishun fleet from obeying Lucan’s order to go to Capital.   Tranian   Tranian reached Annapabar on 251-1116 with the Senior Moot and Chief Counselor Dunn aboard his ship. He immediately declared a Moot-in-exile. The declaration will reach Capital on 337-1116. His military advisors notified him that Sector Fleets 17 and 52 had declared their loyalty to Lucan and left for Capital. He renamed his sector flagship “Ciencia” in honor of the fallen princess.   Ishuggi   Ishuggi and Margaret arrived on Vland on