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Stars Without Number Campaign: ANNIC NOVA (Session 7)

Realizing that, due to the jump, they were stuck for at least a few days on the ANNIC NOVA, the characters decided to finish their examination of the ship. GB went to the airlock to check on the scout ship and determined that it had no followed them into drill space. After deciding that there is not way to stretch the available air for their suits for the duration of the jump, Leon and GB open their suits. 

Their further exploration of the ship reveals that what they thought were nacelles are actually two shuttlecraft. One is outfitted for passengers and the other for cargo. They found some food on the passenger shuttle, but not enough to tide them all over for the assumed 6 day jump period. Sgt. Derby Pope found some plants in the hydroponics lab that he could eat (he has a special ability that lets him eat food that other humans cannot) helping to offset this problem. He also decided to break the seal on his suit. Tom Major continued to keep his suit sealed as there was enough oxygen to allow one person to operate with their suit on for a few more days.

During their exploration, they found the ship's computer room. They were able to use a manual and the keyboard on the computer, in combination with the elevator buttons, to determine what all of the number symbols in the language of the previous owner meant. They realized that ANNIC NOVA was just a series of numbers and not the name of the ship. While messing with the computer, Tom Major caused some kind of error that set off an alarm and powered down the ship's computers. While they were able to get the computers back on line, they were unable to determine if there was permanent harm caused by this incident. 

That night, both Leon and GB started coughing. 

Jump Day 1

Derby, GB, and Leon spent the day watching the TV in the lounge trying to learn the language. They figured out how to work the close captioning allowing them to see how the alphabet mapped to the sounds they were hearing. They also discovered a labeled syringe during a further search of the room they dubbed "the medical ward". They are not yet able to read the syringe label. Tom Major spent the day in the workshop fashioning a device to purify and compress air for his suit. GB and Leon's coughs worsened through the day.

Day 2

They all spent another day watching the TV in the lounge to learn the language. Both GB and Leon developed a fever. By current estimates, they will not make it till the end of the jump on food. They will already have gone a few days without food when the emerge and finding food in system will be an emergency.

Day 3

Everyone but Tom Major spends the day watching the TV. While they still cannot read the operating manual for the ship, they recognize the word "antibiotic" on the syringe they found. There is only one dose. Tom Major spends the day purifying and pressurizing oxygen for his suit. It is a labor intensive process, but he can make several days worth for every day he spends working. Neither GB or Leon's condition improved.

Day 4

They all spend the day watching TV to learn the language. GB passes out and cannot wake up. They give him the antibiotic. They have one day of food left. Leon starts to feel better.

Day 5

They decided that with GB unconscious, they can stretch the food for another day by reducing rations and accepting penalties. Leon spent the day watching TV. Derby Pope, having made some strides in the language, starts deciphering all of the labels on the ship's control panels. Tom Major spends the day making air for his suit.

Day 6

They eat the last of the food. Leon and Tom spend the day watching TV to improve their language skills. Derby spends the day working on translating the manuals. In the afternoon, GB wakes up feeling much better.

Day 7

They all spend the day watching TV. They think they understand enough of the language to operate the ship and its shuttles. Hunger starts to set in. Late in the day, the ANNIC NOVA drops out of drill space in a system with four planets. The second planet from the sun appears to be habitable. They prepare the shuttle for the trip. As they depart from the ship, they see that there is a large opening that appears to be the right shape for one of the nacelle-shuttles to dock in the cargo area, it is a bit bigger around than the shuttles though. It will take them two days to reach the planet in the shuttle. 


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