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MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 17


This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.
This session was played on October 4, 2020.
15 Urui F.A. 15

Having dealt with the wights, the fellowship decided to finish with the bandits before returning to town. Unsure of how well Dirdan's Charm spell would work if asked to attack his friends, they jumped Eowic and tied him up. 

Tulip peaked down the hole in Mound B and could see a few bandits standing guard below. Two of the bandits seemed to be trying to force a cell door open. The party decided that the best plan was to make a two-pronged attack with some attacking from above while another group approached through the underground from the south.

The underground group descended the stairs in Mound D as Dirdan used his magic to boil a barrel of water on Mound B. Tulip yelled to draw a guard's attention and Dirdan dumped the boiling water on him as the others peppered him with arrows. Meanwhile, the group below made their way under Mound F and into the long passageway headed north to Mound B.

Cormac, having decided that it was in his best interest to escape the boiling death from above, ordered one of the bandits to serve as his torch bearer and fled Mound B to the south. 

Tulip slid down the rope into Mound B, brandishing her magical light sword, and back stabbed one of the bandits trying to force the cell door open. As Cormac fled to the south, he and his escort encountered the group making its way north through the corridor. The fellowship engaged the bandit in melee and Cormace fled back up the tunnel.

Seeing Tulip cutting down his men, with more help sliding down the rope, Cormac ordered his men to surrender. The fellowship learned that Cormac had ordered his men to kill the three girls he was holding for ransom to eliminate the witnesses. One of the bandits had refused the order and barricaded himself in the cell with the girls. The other bandits had been trying to force the door open to execute Cormac's order. 

The party restrained the bandits, took the treasure they found beneath Mound E, and returned to Bree with the rescued hostages and their prisoners. 
16 Urui F.A. 15
Once back in town, they turned the bandits and the girls over to Meneldir, the guard captain. Meneldir questioned them extensively on their search for the bandits, including the incidents at Hiraval's manor. He told them that he planned to hold a trial the next day and asked them to testify, they agreed.

Afraid that the wights might come for the treasure they had stolen, they decided to head back to the Barrow Downs that evening and see if the undead were trying to claw through the stones they had dropped down the stairs of Mound A. When they reached the barrows, they could hear the wights clawing at the stone below. They dumped more rocks down the stairs and headed back to Bree.

It was dark by the time they got back to town. As they passed through the gate, they could hear bells ringing and yelling. Hob Gandry informed them that Guard Captain Meneldir had arrested Mayor Erling and she was to stand trial in the morning with the bandits.


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This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.
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