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Wilderlands: Session 34

    This session was run on April 10, 2023.   10 Warmshade The session began with the party in Byrny preparing for their expedition through the gate they found beneath the barrows south of town. While sitting at the bar in Tulip’s Roadhouse, Stranger was approached by a Sleeth wizard. She introduced herself as TicToc and explained that she had recently finished her apprenticeship to the necromancer Metrax at the Mistwind Conclave. Stranger had hear of the Mistwind Conclave, a community of wizards in the hills outside of Byrny, but he and his companions had not visited it. As her first post-apprenticeship assignment, Metrax asked her to look in to some recent disturbances in the barrow downs south of Byrny. Years ago, the necromancer discovered that an ancient city had somehow been transported to a large cave beneath the barrows. As there were people living in it who seemed unaware that the outside world existed, he created skeleton guards in the levels above to

Traveller: Session 25

    This session was run on April 6, 2023 018-1118 The Prismatic Ray arrived at the Last Exit (A100776-F 1019 Kushga/Diaspora) system, after an easy jump from Twinsong, an hour and a half from the high port. Last Exit itself is an airless rock primarily used for mining, subatomic particle research, and as housing for the many workers at the Tukera Lines shipyard/depot in system. While Last Exit would normally not be a candidate for shipyard/depot activity, since it is not on a main, Tukera Lines specializes in long haul ships making the requirement for a Jump-2 capable craft a benefit rather than a drawback. Even before the Rebellion started, Diaspora had a more frontier feel to it than the other core imperial sectors, with the recent conflict, the background chance of piracy has increased dramatically. The Jump-2 requirement helps insulate them from the scrappier raiders and the potential wrath of a megacorp deters the more sophisticated corsairs. The 25 million

Traveller: Session 24

    This session was run on March 30, 2023.     With the Prismatic Ray safely on the ground and camouflaged, Aryanna decided to head to the artists’ commune to monitor the situation with the pirates they had escaped from and to establish radio contact with Arenui and Mar-ven through local channels to avoid giving away their position. Mhan, Hal, and Zarf stayed behind with the ship. Using the Ray’s passive sensors, they could see that the Razer’s Blade , the 100 ton boat launched from Jugisaal’s Razer to intercept them, had finished with Jade’s cargo lighter and was entering Twinsong’s atmosphere. In Caldera, Arenui and Mar-ven were finishing up negotiations at the life support supply warehouse when the air defense alert sirens started to sound. The warehouse owner told them that they had to leave the building while he took his employees into the strong room. They attempted to convince him to allow them to shelter in the strong room as well, but he refused becau