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Traveller: Session 48


This session was run on November 9, 2023.




Following the gunfight at the wedding, they spent two days filling out paperwork and answering questions from the police about why they were there, what happened, and how Arenui came to be shooting rockets at a boat when he was fried by a laser. In the end, the police decided that they had just been there by happenstance and decided to overlook the minor weapons violations they had committed. They returned their weapons with instructions that they had to stay on their ship if they were prohibited by local law.


Once they were clear of the planetary security, they posted a job opening for a new crewman. Simi, a female Aslan, responded and indicated that she was skilled in Comms and Broker, two of the main functions that Arenui had been performing for them. After a brief interview, they decided to hire her.


They also had an opening for a passenger and selected Sanya Oradi, a human woman in her 60s headed for Feme for her retirement.


After perusing the freight options in system, they decided to engage in some speculative trading and, after locating a seller, purchased eight tons of Luxury Consumables for 128,000 Cr. The crew was impressed with Simi’s ability to get the good for only eighty percent of the basic price.


They decided to pick up a few odd jobs while they were on Soar. Marvin accepted a job from a woman named Blaze to deliver a gift and Simi, Zarf, and M’han took a ‘Mr. Johnson’ job to bury a box in a rural area.


Marvin met with Blaze in a bar. She was a human woman in her mid-thirties with a large blue mohawk. She told Marvin that Darryl, her ex-husband, was getting married in the morning and that she wanted him to secretly deliver a gift from her during his bachelor party that night. She asked Marvin to slip into the strip club and place the gift with the others without being noticed. He was then to hang around, without drawing attention to himself, observe Darryl’s reaction when he opened it.


She offered him 5,000 Cr. on completion and 50 Cr. expense money for the evening. Marvin asked to examine the gift and she obliged. It was a model of an old wooden sailing ship in a bottle. He looked it over, and did not see anything suspicious, so he accepted the job. He found a slightly shady drug dealer and bought some uppers for the evening, then made his way to the strip club.


He managed to slip the present on to the gift table without being noticed and grabbed a seat next to the bachelor party. Darryl and his friends all had the same blue mohawks as Blaze and they seemed to be regulars at the club. Marvin paid for a girl named Morgan to come dance by his table and waited. After a bit, he bought a round of drinks for Darryl’s table with his congratulations. When it was obvious that they were going to start opening gifts, he stealthily pulled out his camera to capture Darryl’s reaction.


When Darryl opened the gift, he paused for a moment with a sad look in his eyes, then smiled and smashed it on the table. He began sifting through the fragments of the broken ship and produced a piece of paper.


“Morgan is a narc,” he read.


Darryl leveled his gun at the dancer and shot her dead on the spot. He noticed Marvin filming and turned the gun on him. Marvin quickly explained that he had just been filming the girls. Darryl accepted this explanation and told Marvin he had to hand over the camera. Marvin complied and returned to Blaze.


She seemed happy with his description and paid Marvin. As he left, he saw her lick her lips and smile. “Oh,” she said, “He’ll call.”


While Marvin was dealing with Blaze, Simi, Zarf, and M’han met with ‘Mr. Johnson’. He was a human male, around fifty years old, wearing dark sunglasses and a black suit. He told them that he wanted to hire them to hide a package in a rural area. It was important to him that it be buried in such a way that it wasn’t at risk of flooding or other damage. He said that the package was about 7 feet long, weighed around 200 pounds, and that he was offering 5,000 Cr. for the job. They accepted.




In the morning they looked at some local maps and found a good, out-of-the-way spot about a day’s drive away. They rented a truck, bought some camping gear, and headed to pick up the package. When they arrived at the loading dock ‘Mr. Johnson’ had directed them to, they saw what a wooden coffin waiting for them. Deciding that they didn’t need any more information than they already had, they did not open the box and just loaded it up. They had an uneventful trip out and camped for the night.





They found a good burial spot in the morning and carefully wrapped the box in plastic and buried it according to ‘Mr. Johnson’s’ instructions. They spent the rest of the day driving back to town. That evening, they met with ‘Mr. Johnson’ and, declaring that he was happy with their hiding spot, he paid them for the job.


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