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Wilderlands: Session 31

   This session was run on February 6, 2023. 17 Longgrass 4433 At the end of the last session, the party returned to the dungeon under the barrow mounds with Sylviana in tow and immediately found themselves in another large battle with skeletons. The battle unfolded throughout the session with heavy use of Vargr and Sylvianna’s turn undead abilities, Duycken’s Quack of Doom, and Rouen’s illusionary hounds spell. The characters found themselves under constant threat of being surrounded or cut off from each other. After killing 17 skeletons and turning a dozen more, they were forced to retreat to the surface to rest and heal.
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Wilderlands: Session 30

  This session was run on January 30, 2023.   15 Longgrass 4433 After Stranger disarmed the trap, Vargr opened the secret compartment and found a leather sack. Inside the sack he found a ring with a blue gem, a ring with a green gem, a 50’ coil of rope, a tuning fork, and a pin with an oval and a hand carved into it. The two rings, the rope, and the tuning fork detected as magical when Duycken cast detect magic . Gwythian used his legend lore ability and recognized the pin as similar to ones he had seen on Athelnar and Sylviana. They carefully packed up the elf bones and returned to Byrny.   16 Longgrass 4433 When the party arrived in Byrny, they learned that Grant and his followers had been successful in their quest for the Light of Destiny , the magical spear of Mitra. Sadly, they learned that Englebart perished during the quest when he was seduced by a fey and died of old age. They went to the Temple of Athena to discuss the symbol on the pin with Sylvianna. She exp

Wilderlands: Session 29

  This session was run on January 23, 2023.   14 Longgrass 4433  After recovering from the fight with the skeletons, the party continued to explore the dungeon beneath the barrows. They found an arcane scroll and a dagger +1 in the bone filled rooms where the skeletons originated from. In the northern part of the dungeon, they found a room with a fallen pillar against the wall. Uggmar touched the pillar and disappeared. Determined not to be cut off from his “tribe” Creng also touched the pillar and vanished. Remembering what happened to Gwythian, the party returned to the circular chambers to the south to see if the two were trapped there. They broke open one of the chambers and two hook horrors emerged. While they were able to defeat the creatures, they took heavy damage and were forced to retreat to their camp on the surface to recover. Meanwhile Uggmar and Creng found themselves in a large circular chamber. Uggmar tapped on the walls until he found a weak spot and the t

Wilderlands: Session 28

  This session was run on January 9 th 2023.   14 Longgrass 4433   After resting up, they decided to reenter the barrows from the western entrance. Vargr brought a large log with the intention of disrupting the summoning circle they found on an earlier excursion. While the others were skeptical, the Odin priest was sure that the man in the lacquered armor was not dangerous and   it would be valuable to talk with him. They did not explore for long before once again running into large groups of skeletons. They quickly became overwhelmed as the skeletons closed in from multiple directions. Through use of Rouen’s Illusionary Hounds spell, Duycken’s Quack of Doom ability, and Vargr’s ability to turn undead, they managed to stave off enough groups to get into a position where they could deal with the skeletons without being completely surrounded. After they killed, or drove off, the remaining skeletons, they healed up and discussed their next move.