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Wilderlands Resource: Stormview Manor Map

 Below are the maps of Stormview Manor I made in Dungeondraft in .png format. They are ready to use in a VTT at 70 pixels per inch.

Wilderlands: Session 12

  This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on July 25, 2022.     7 Sweetrain 4433     The session started in Byrny with the party (minus Vargr, Creng, and Cozsari) having been in town for a couple of hours. They decided to attempt to recruit some hirelings before heading out the next day to face the White Worm Tribe. Before starting their recruitment drive, Stranger went by Tulip’s Roadhouse to see if she had any idea where the best place to look for recruits was. She told him that, since they were trying to recruit on such short notice, it would be best to just go around to the different taverns and perhaps try to attract attention using their bard friend. While Stranger was talking to Tulip, Gwythian sought an audience with Governor Hetalan who gave him permission and advised him that taverns would be the best place to seek hirelings.   They went around to the taverns in town, using Gwyth

Wilderlands: Lords of the Byrny Area III

      Ramwen (Byrny) Located west of Byrny. Lord Ramwen does a capable job overseeing his fields and forest. Like Boyter he is rarely threatened by incursion from the hills to the south, and never in any real force. He was awarded this claim by Governor Hetalan because of his prowess in organizing the rebuilding of many of the miners’ apartments in Byrny. The older buildings resented a sever fire threat and the newer ones, featuring better roofs and more space between units, are considered much safer. He is fairly young at 35, and chiefly concerned with administering his estate. He may be interested in finding a knight to represent him at the tourney. Rixia (Overlord) Located northwest of Byrny. Originally from the Kingdom of Karak, Lady Rixia came to the Wilderlands as a mercenary. The Overlord granted her this manor 25 years ago due to her bravery in a battle against the forces of Viridistan. She has proved a capable administrator of her lands

Wilderlands: Session 11

  This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on July 11, 2022.     6 Sweetrain 4433   The party decided to rest for the night and recover from their battle with the demon horse in the stable. There were still a few hours of daylight remaining, so Stranger and Vargr decided to go hunting. They managed to get enough food to feed everyone but Coszari and did not see anything out of the ordinary in the area of the manor.   During the first watch, Stranger noticed that Cozsari slept with her eyes open. He found the giantess’s glare to be somewhat disturbing.   7 Sweetrain 4433   During the third, early morning, watch, Duycken and Vargr felt a suddenly growing sense of dread. Duycken was able to shake it off, but Vargr was overcome by fear and ran behind the stable to hide. Duycken could hear great wings beating overhead but could not find the source in the sky. He ran to tell Uggmar that

Lords of the Byrny Area Part II

  This is Part II of my look at the various lords in the Byrny Area. Part I can be found here .   Daven (Sten) Located north of Byrny. Lord Daven inherited this manor from his grandmother, Helga, who was awarded it by the Sten family for her service against bandits.   Lord Daven’s father died as a young man and Daven inherited his grandmother’s magic sword, Argetlahm, along with the land. It is rumored that the sword is intelligent and may be running the manor through its owner. While well-liked by his peers, most will admit that Daven comes across as a bit dim in conversation, so there may be some truth to that rumor. What he lacks in intelligence, Lord Daven makes up for in enthusiasm. He will be personally participating in the tourney. Fiel (Byrny) Located northwest of Byrny. Lady Fiel reluctantly returned to the Byrny area from the City State on the death of her father to assume the duties of running the manor. She inherited two years ago, following a rough