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Traveller: Session 29


This session was run on May 18, 2023.




After they had put a few hours between themselves and the gas giant, Aryanna realized they had a new problem. She had used a sedative on Aminaha out of fear of her psionic abilities, but she could not use that sedative for the rest of the trip. The sedative she had used was safe for short term use, but never intended to keep somebody under for a few days. In fact, just using it for more than a couple of hours raised ethical concerns for her. They were going to be forced into a situation where they would have to deal with the Zhodani noblewoman without any kind of suppression.


The travellers briefly considered removing the helmet from Nadeemi’s head and putting it on Aminaha, but M’han pointed out that Aminaha had a chance to use her psionic abilities and had only used them to influence Aryanna’s perception of Nadeemi. They had no idea what Nadeemi would do if he was able to use his abilities. They eventually decided to just keep her in the airlock and warn her that it was on a hair trigger. They also decided to always have one of them on guard.




IN the early morning hours, Aminaha sent a telepathic message to Hal, who was standing guard at the time. She did not attempt to influence his emotions or actions in any way, just spoke to him with her mind. She told him that Nadeemi was very dangerous. The whole purpose of their mission, from the beginning, had been to find imperial children who were psionically strong and bring them back to the Zhodani Consulate. They did not see this as kidnapping because the way the Imperium treated psions was barbaric and no child should be subjected to that. Ultimately, many Zhodani hoped that the Imperium would see the error of its ways and end the Psionic Suppressions. They even hoped that children like the ones they had captured might help to bridge that gap someday. Nadeemi had a far more extreme view than most Zhodani. At the height of their mission, it became clear that he never intended to bring the children back to the Consulate but planned to kill them all. She, as the political officer, orchestrated his capture. Reeducation on the ship was not possible, so he was imprisoned and fitted with a helmet that suppressed his abilities. Unfortunately, he had a bomb aboard the ship as a contingency and it went off, probably because it required periodic input from him to not explode. She begged Hal to not trust Nadeemi.


Meanwhile, on Last Exit, Arenui and Abigail went to the station to meet with Chakraborty. They settled in around a worn conference table and he offered them some minty seeds before they began. He told them that the police were very close to bringing Fat Tony down. They believed that, on top of his hard to prove racketeering activities, he was at the center of a money laundering operation that presented a sector-wide danger to the Imperium. They just needed an excuse to search his office, and that is where Abigail came in.


He wanted her to go to the casino under the guise on trying to make things right with Fat Tony. She would be brought into the back area of the casino and, Chakraborty had no doubt, at least threatened with violence. The police would be standing by outside and as soon as there was threatened or actual violence, they would come in. This would give them all the justification they needed to search the casino offices.


Abigail decided she wanted to do it, but on the condition that Arenui accompany her. Arenui thought the whole things was a bad idea but agreed. Chakraborty told them to be ready to go in the morning.




Aboard the Hollow Ranger, Nadeemi stayed quiet in his straitjacket and Aminaha made no more trouble from the airlock. They decided that they did not know who to believe but, since Zarf was bound by accepting Nadeemi’s request for asylum, the best thing to do was find a way to take the four Zhodani and the kids to the nearest Navy base. There was no way that the Prismatic Ray could transport them all, so they were going to have to charter something and hope that the Imperium would reimburse them later.


Arenui and Abigail were wired up at the station and then took a series of four buses to the casino to break the chain back to the police. As soon as they entered, they were flagged by security and quickly surrounded by Fat Tony’s heavies and brought to the back. They were led to Tony’s office where the boss, whose nickname was an understatement, sat with two of his goons. Abigail immediately launched into a speech about how she could get the money to pay Tony back over the next couple of months if he would just give her time.


He cut her off and told her that it wasn’t about the money, it was about the cheating. He couldn’t let people think that they could take advantage of him and get away with it. He remarked that he needed to make an example out of her but, since she had done him the favor of surrendering, he would make it quick and only take her friend’s hand.


Arenui decided he had heard enough and sprang into action. He snapped open his collapsing sword and took down one of the guards in one swipe. The room was filled with yelling, gunfire, and blood. By the time the smoke cleared, the other guard was dead and a badly cut up Fat Tony was in police custody. Chakraborty was impressed with Arenui’s swordsmanship.




The Hollow Ranger made it back and the travellers started looking for a transport they could hire to take on the Zhodani and sixty kids in cryo pods. Abigail decided that she wanted to leave with them. She did not feel safe, even with Fat Tony behind bars. They were able to collect 2.5 MCr. from their salvage rights for the pinnace.




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