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MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 8

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. 12 Cerbeth F.A. 15 On the 13th day of their journey to Tharbad, the fellowship awoke to find that the horses that Rohan provided them with were all showing symptoms similar to those that the horse Sindawe looked at in the stables had. Concerned that the illness might spread to their horses, they decide to kill the sick horses. Ardaer and Tulip are unable to follow through with this and let their horses go. 16 Cerbeth F.A. 15 They are attacked by a bear on the road and are able to defeat it. 19 Cerbeth F.A. 15 They meet a wagon bearing four "hobbit harlots" (gotta love random tables) on the road. They learn that Tharbad is considered safe and warn the hobbit women that the road south can be dangerous. 20 Cerbeth F.A. 15 They reach Tharbad and question the gate guard as to whether Vacros has been seen. The guard tells them that Vacros passed through with several of his men, but they ran hi

MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 9

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. 22 Cerbeth F.A. 15 The fellowship entered the sewers with the goal of making their way to the chambers underneath the rubble of the fortress in hopes of finding a way into the ancient Great Vault that existed there at the time of the Kinstrife War. The sewer tunnels were about five feet in diameter and opened a few feet above the floor in the intersection chambers. The chambers all had two to three feet of water in them. There pipes and chambers were also intersected by many smaller pipes and occasional small grates above.  Early in their exploration, they encountered a twelve foot long eel that was very aggressive. They managed to stun lock it and defeat it, but Sindawe took significant damage early in the fight. After the battle, they headed north and reached a dead end. They returned to the room where they fought the eel and decided to search it before moving along. Ardaer kicked something meta

Stars Without Number Campaign: ANNIC NOVA (Session 7)

Realizing that, due to the jump, they were stuck for at least a few days on the ANNIC NOVA, the characters decided to finish their examination of the ship. GB went to the airlock to check on the scout ship and determined that it had no followed them into drill space. After deciding that there is not way to stretch the available air for their suits for the duration of the jump, Leon and GB open their suits.  Their further exploration of the ship reveals that what they thought were nacelles are actually two shuttlecraft. One is outfitted for passengers and the other for cargo. They found some food on the passenger shuttle, but not enough to tide them all over for the assumed 6 day jump period. Sgt. Derby Pope found some plants in the hydroponics lab that he could eat (he has a special ability that lets him eat food that other humans cannot) helping to offset this problem. He also decided to break the seal on his suit. Tom Major continued to keep his suit sealed as there was enough oxygen

Stars Without Number Campaign: The Prophecy of Thamau (Session 8)

Growing more hungry by the hour, the former Terminators concentrate on disinfecting the shuttle en route to the planet below. They detect no electronic communications or evidence of space travel as they approach. Once in orbit, they see that most of the surface of the planet below is covered with water and there are two main island chains that show signs of habitation, one just north of the equator, and the other just south. They decide to make for the southern island chain. As they approached the largest island in the chain, they saw what appeared to be a palace on the west coast. They decided to set down a mile from a small coastal village about ten miles south of the palace. High altitude camera views of the village showed that it was at an early Iron Age technology level. They quickly determined that the air was breathable and disembarked. They were immediately set upon by what turned out to be small, insect-sized, reptiles. After discovering that these were a nuisance rather than

MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 7

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. 20 Norui F.A. 15 The fellowship decided to stand and fight against the horde of rats, but after a few rounds, discovered that the rats were not attacking them. Realizing that the rats were fleeing something else, they paused and heard the sound of water rushing towards them. They started to flee back up the tunnel, taking an upward-sloping passage that they had passed on the way from the troll cave. They managed to get above the level of the water and find another exit to the cave system. Imhar, the Dunlending leader, reasoned that the troll must have opened a passage to one of the cisterns while trying to escape. At the height of spring, the cisterns are full from the snow melt.  They made their way back to the cave they originally entered, and Ardaer ventured back into the troll chamber, which he found to be full of water. He made a few quick dives to retrieve items from the bod

MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 6

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. 18 Norui F.A. 15 The fellowship decided to rest for a few days in order to heal up the significant wounds they suffered during the fight with the wolves. During the downtime, the rangers, Elyanis and Galadhil, decided to look for herbs that could speed up the healing process and found several doses of Mirenna.  20 Norui F.A. 15 After a couple of days licking their wounds, they decided they were ready to start tracking the troll back to its lair. Elyanis managed to track it through some thick brush to a cave in the side of the mountain. Listening at the opening, Galadhil could hear the sound of the troll eating inside. Their first plan, led mainly by Dirdan and Banrim, was to draw the troll out of its cave and ambush it when it emerged. They set some traps at the cave opening as well.  Ardaer scouted ahead in the cave to see what they were up against. He found that the pa