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MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 8

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

12 Cerbeth F.A. 15

On the 13th day of their journey to Tharbad, the fellowship awoke to find that the horses that Rohan provided them with were all showing symptoms similar to those that the horse Sindawe looked at in the stables had. Concerned that the illness might spread to their horses, they decide to kill the sick horses. Ardaer and Tulip are unable to follow through with this and let their horses go.

16 Cerbeth F.A. 15

They are attacked by a bear on the road and are able to defeat it.

19 Cerbeth F.A. 15

They meet a wagon bearing four "hobbit harlots" (gotta love random tables) on the road. They learn that Tharbad is considered safe and warn the hobbit women that the road south can be dangerous.

20 Cerbeth F.A. 15

They reach Tharbad and question the gate guard as to whether Vacros has been seen. The guard tells them that Vacros passed through with several of his men, but they ran him out of town a week ago. The guard also tells them that the vault was under the old fortress at the northeast end of town. The fortress is now collapsed, making the vault inaccessible. They poke around the heap of the fortress and decide that it might be possible to enter the fortress through the old city's extensive sewer system. They find a likely entrance and spend the night at the inn.

21 Cerbeth F.A. 15

When they wake up in the morning, Sindawe discovered that Dirdan, Banrim, and Elyanis's horses were ill in the stable. They decided to take the horses out of town and leave them with a sheep farmer in case the infection spread. When they returned to town, they met with Commander Cilis, the town commander, he approved them to see if they could get in through the sewers. They decided to enter through the northeast sewer outlet.

Thoughts on MERP

Scott's implementation of MERP in Roll20 through his API script programming continues to improve. He now has most of the major tables added, which vastly speeds up combat. The players just click on the attack they want to use, fill in the target's armor type and the bonuses, and Roll20 displays the damage and all of the crit information. He has implemented it for Tooth and Claw as well. Reach out to me if you have similar work you might like him to do for you.


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