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Traveller: Archduke Update 1

  While the focus of the sessions has moved to the events that took place on Mars in 2040, the fallout from the assassination continues to play out between session on our discord and through email. Since several of the characters started interstellar journeys right after the assassination, that portion of the campaign also introduces the challenge of communications delay. This means that not all the players find out about events at the same time. In fact, the further apart the characters get, the longer it will take them to find out what is happening to the other characters. This is one of the cooler aspects of the Traveller universe, and it works well with asynchronous play like this.   Below, I discuss events that have transpired that all the characters have had an opportunity to learn about.   132-1116   This was the day of the assassination. Immediately following the assassination, Tranian and Adair returned to their apartments on Capital. They form