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Stonehell 4 February

Last weekend, I met with most of my regular group for a Stonehell session. They began by using one of the magic books they discovered in the Hunter's Hall to identify the key they recovered from the jack-in-a-box on level 2. They determined that the key opened a pharmacy on level 2. They determined that they wanted to use their first trip into the dungeon to complete their exploration of the southwest quadrant of level 1. They started their trip by making their way to the repaired, and newly disturbing, stone head. The stone head gave them several answers that were either repeats or impossible to make sense of. On the final answer, there was a weird effect where the whole world seemed to stutter as the stone head answered. They decided to not push their luck and headed south to explore. They determined that there were three areas they needed to explore and started with some rooms in the south east first. While most were empty, they discovered the few remaining warriors of the W