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MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 7

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

20 Norui F.A. 15

The fellowship decided to stand and fight against the horde of rats, but after a few rounds, discovered that the rats were not attacking them. Realizing that the rats were fleeing something else, they paused and heard the sound of water rushing towards them. They started to flee back up the tunnel, taking an upward-sloping passage that they had passed on the way from the troll cave. They managed to get above the level of the water and find another exit to the cave system. Imhar, the Dunlending leader, reasoned that the troll must have opened a passage to one of the cisterns while trying to escape. At the height of spring, the cisterns are full from the snow melt. 

They made their way back to the cave they originally entered, and Ardaer ventured back into the troll chamber, which he found to be full of water. He made a few quick dives to retrieve items from the bodies sufficient to identify them and prove that it had been the troll that had destroyed the steadings and not Dunlendings or the Warden's men. They began the trip back down the mountain to Grimslade. 

22 Norui F.A. 15

When the reached Grimslade, Eadlith convinced her father to let her accompany the fellowship to Dol Baran to attempt to negotiate a settlement with Feoril. Cenril agreed and accepted their evidence that it had been the troll that attacked his high steadings and not the Warden of the Gap's men. They set off for Dol Baran.

24 Norui F.A. 15

When they reached Dol Baran, they decided to meet with Algel, Feoril's son, first. Algel and Eadlith had been friends as children, playing together while their fathers met with the king. Algel and Eadlith found that they were both interested in ending the nonsense between their families and the fellowship approached Feoril to reach a settlement.

Sindawe took the lead in the negotiations and, with the support of Eadlith and Algel, was able to secure a promise from Feoril to apologize to Cenril for the death of Aerol, as long as Cenril paid the weregild for the death of Teomod. Feoril also agreed to throw a feast commemorating the truce. With this offer in hand, they returned to Grimslade.

26 Norui F.A. 15

Cenril resisted accepting the offer, stubbornly insisting that he would not pay the blood debt. Sindawe offered to cover the entirety of the debt from the gold Eomer provided the party and Cenril agreed. 

28 Norui F.A. 15

The feast commemorating the truce was held at the Fords of Isen. During the feast, Sindawe beat several riders in a horse race, resulting in a windfall for the party members who bet on him. After being thanked by Eomer, they rested up to continue to Tharbad, a journey of over 200 miles.

4 Cerbeth F.A. 15

While on the road, they were ambushed by two grass cats and were able to defeat them.


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