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Traveller: Session 49


This session was run on November 16, 2023.




They jump away from Soar, headed for Weyburn. The first evening Sanya, the retiree passenger they took on breaks out her portable karaoke machine and a few bottles of gin in the common room. Francis, their radio scientist passenger, Simmi, and M’han join her for some fun. Sanya turns out to have an excellent singing voice. By the end of the evening, Francis and Simmi are comatose on the table and M’han must help a sloppy drunk Sanya back to her room.




The next morning, Aryanna treats Francis with a saline drip for his hangover. Sanya does not make an appearance till two in the afternoon but emerges looking refreshed and immaculate. Once evening rolls around, she breaks out the karaoke machine again and Simmi decides to join her. This time Simmi manages to hang in until Sanya gets too drunk to continue and learns that Sanya was a showgirl before she retired.




The next evening, Simmi hangs out with Sanya again and notices that she gets pretty melancholy towards the end of the evening. She is too drunk to hold a serious conversation, so Simmi decides to talk to her about it the next day.




In the morning, while Zarf was re-lubing one of the turrets, he smelled smoke coming from the common room. He rushed in and saw Francis working on a radio with smoke pouring out of it. He grabbed a blanket and threw it over the radio in hopes of smothering the flames, but the blanket caught on fire and burned him. The fire alarm began ringing and Aryanna ran in with a fire extinguisher and put the radio, the blanket, and Zarf out. She then administered first aid to Zarf. M’had checked over the radio to see what caused the fire and noticed that Francis had routed main power through the signal circuit and overheated the wires.


In the afternoon, Simmi pulled Sanya aside to ask what was troubling her. Sanya told her that she had always assumed she would just keep performing until she died, but she won the lottery and that let her retire. Unfortunately, as soon as she won, people she hadn’t seen in years started claiming she owed them money. No less than three ex-husbands showed up, and she didn’t even remember one of them. Simmi told her that she had a very particular set of skill and could help her get a fake identity so those people would not bother her anymore. Sanya thanked her.




They dropped out of jump in the Weyburn system and discovered that they had slightly miscalculated and arrived about a day out from the planet.



They stop to scoop fuel from the gas giant on the way to Weyburn and landed without incident. Weyburn only had a dusty, run down, Class E downport and Simmi wasted three days trying to find a buyer interested in their Luxury Consumables without any success.




Zarf took a job offered by a starfighter pilot named Blake Hedge. Earlier in the week, the Jugisaal’s Razor, the same pirate ship that attacked Twinsong while they were picking up the Prismatic Ray, raided the system and his fighter was damaged during the battle to drive it off. He didn’t trust any of the shade tree mechanics on Weyburn and was looking for someone to fix it. Zarf spent the day repairing it and made 1,500 Cr.




Simmi and Aryanna took a job from Jeb Fairview, a pilot whose ship, The Postmaster General’s Daughter, was damaged during the fight with Jugisaal’s Razer. His two crewmen were injured during the fight and all of the cargo broke loose in zero-G. He was looking for some hands to shuttle to orbit and help him secure the free-floating cargo so he could land. While they were tying down the crates, Simmi accidently let one build up too much momentum and it crushed her against the wall. The crate broke open and a very illegal combat drone floated out. Aryanna patched up Simmi and then shook down Jeb for some hush money about his cargo. In all they were paid 3,000 Cr. for the day’s work.




They jumped out for Daazu.




They arrived on Daazu without incident. Francis began setting up for his radio experiment by hooking his equipment up to their antenna. Based on the earlier fire, Hal decided to give his work a once over before the test. He discovered that Francis had made the same mistake in routing the power again, which could have caused serious damage to the ship. He fixed the error and Francis was able to perform the test successfully.


Daazu had a Class C starport and no gas giants, so they had to land to refuel and drop off Francis. Francis disembarked and paid them the 45,000 Cr. he owed them for transportation and the test. They spent 10,754 Cr. on monthly maintenance and 17,000 Cr. on fuel. Shortly after they landed, Zarf received a message asking that the captain and crew of the Prismatic Ray meet a Ms. Cecily Evans at the Imperial Starport Administration Office.


They were forced to surrender the weapons at security and ushered to the third floor. There they met Cecily, a heavyset woman in her mid-fifties. She offered them a small bowl of minty smelling seeds as they took a seat at the conference room table. They expressed confusion as to what business she might have with them.


“It’s me, Chakraborty,” Cecily said, “Sorry for the confusion, Ms. Evans here just has the right hardware for me to chip in to meet with you. Where is Arenui and Abigail?”


They filled the Imperial Intelligence Agent in on recent events and Arenui’s death at the wedding. He was sad to hear about the droyne’s passing and remarked on his excellent work in bringing down Fat Tony. He asked them if they had kept up their end of the bargain and stayed away from any business involving Ancient artifacts. Zarf lied, a bit clumsily, and said that they had not. Chakraborty seemed to accept this answer. He told them that he had some bad news and a warning for them though.


“Trow Backett is dead. He was released while awaiting trial on trafficking in Ancient Artifacts and murdered 23 days ago while staying at the Traveller’s Aid Society hostel on the Last Exit highport.”


Chakraborty told them that he did have a real suspect yet and that he wanted to pick their brains on who it might be and have them look at a video. In the video, three men, two large with dark hair and one shorter with red, show up at the TAS hostel asking to see Trow. The woman at the desk calls Backett’s room and then issues the men visitor passes. Chakroborty explained that the IDs used for the passes were all fakes and had never been used before.


Cameras pick up the men making their way down the hall to Trow’s room. When they got to the door, Trow opened it and the red-haired man entered while the other two stood outside. Fifteen minutes later, the power went off in the entire building. Strangely, the outage also effected every portable electronic device in the building as well. After ten minutes, the power came back on and there was no sign of any of the men on any camera after that point. The next morning, the hostel got a call from an outside line saying that there was an emergency in Trow Backett’s room. The staff entered to find him dead, shot through the heart.


The police only were able to make a facial recognition on one of the larger men. He is Mort Kinson a known associate of Ven Yasha. Yasha is one of the biggest gangsters in the Diaspora Sector and has his hands in almost every kind of illegal business imaginable. Chakraborty asked if the travellers had any contact with Kinson, Yasha, or any of their associates. They confirmed that they did not know either. He warned them to watch their backs because this seems like more than just an artifact deal gone wrong. He has placed Rathe Hawthorne into protective custody to be safe.


After they parted ways with Chakraborty, they looked for a passenger to fill the empty birth. They found a young singer named Gyr who was looking to go to Raasaara and signed her on. Simmi found a buyer for their Luxury Goods at 25,000 Cr. a ton and they sold all 8 tons they had aboard. She then spent nine days trying to find a seller with good they wanted for an acceptable price but was not successful.



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