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Traveller: Session 1

    This is the first session of my Traveller campaign. This campaign will be a bit non-linear from a timeline standpoint. We will be jumping around the history of the Official Traveller Universe to hit some of the high points. Some time periods will only see a few sessions of play, others may see extended sandbox games. There are a few eras of play that we will return to as large, dramatic events unfold. The first section of the campaign takes place at the dawn of the Megatraveller era. We will primarily be using the Cepheus Engine as our rule set.       129-1116   The players are playing important nobles in the Third Imperium. They have been summoned by Emperor Strephon to Capital for the Council of Archdukes. The emperor, who has pursued a policy of liberalization throughout his reign, plans to discuss his next slate of reforms. The Imperium is roughly divided into five domains ruled by archdukes. Four of the five players are playing archdukes, the fifth is

Wilderlands: Session 18

    This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on September 19, 2022.   16 Sweetrain 4433   This session picked up where the last left off, with the characters questioning the witnesses to the attack on Arne Skel. As Duycken was talking to Celine, Vargr noticed a small bulge under the right side of her dress. He drew Duycken’s attention to it and the knight asked the young lady if she would allow Sylvianna to inspect her. Celine seemed taken aback but she agreed. The two women retreated to a tent alongside the lists and a few minutes later Sylvianna emerged with a bloody knife.   The cleric explained that she found the knife inside Lady Celine’s dress but no found no apparent means of entry for the knife. She explained that it would have been hard for Celine to quickly conceal in there herself and that it would be almost impossible for someone else to have done it without Celine noticing. T

Wilderlands: Session 17

  This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on September 12, 2022. 16 Sweetrain The session began with Sylvianna casting speak with the dead on the dead body of Lord Anders. The characters were able to establish some facts about his death through their questions: 1)      He woke up on fire right before he died. 2)      He fell asleep after drinking wine provided by his steward. 3)      He did not like Custalcon and often spoke against him. 4)      He does not like many of the “new blood” nobles in the area. 5)      Uggmar learned the location of the safe in his manor. 6)      He was a member of a demon cult when he was young but it dissolved after a tragedy. 7)      Lady Montu, Lord Blan, Lord Boyter, Lord Skel, and Lord Trout were also part of the cult. The spell duration ended before they could ask any more questions. After they left Lord Anders’ body, Stranger went to discu

Wilderlands Lore: The Skandian Religion

    This description of the Skandian religion was prepared by Vargr's player in my C&C Wilderlands game.             The life goal of any Skadian is to be remembered long past their death as a Drengr.   The Skadian religious traditions support that goal.               The Skadian word Drengr might be translated as “The Man” or “Mensch”, although women can be Drengr too. A Drengr is the person you want next to you in battle, when making a difficult decisions and on your wedding day.               The basic beliefs of the Skadian tradition begin with the understanding that reality is broken into the Nine Realms and that those realms are interconnected by Yiggdrasil, or the World Tree.             Two realms frame the others, Niflheim, the northern most realm of mist, fog and ice and Muspelheim, the southern holding of fire, lava and soot.             The gods of the Skadian pantheon go where they will but reside in Asgard or Vanaheim.   These two re

Wilderlands: Session 16

    This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on September 5, 2022.   15 Sweetrain 4433   With the joust over for the day and Duycken solidly in the next day’s qualifying round, he and Gwythian decided to seek out Sylvianna. They found her eating with Athelnar and she motioned them to sit down. After a brief description of the last two weeks, they drew her attention to the giant white worm they faced and Sir Mar’s story about seeing the Black Knight involved in a demon summoning beneath the barrows.   She was concerned by both tales. While the white worm was not like the creatures she encountered when closing the gate beneath Shewolf, she felt that the authorities should focus their attention on it as it could prove dangerous to the whole area. She also explained that the gate she sensed had either opened, or would soon be opened, in the area would not involve a summoning circle. But, p

Wilderlands: Session 15

      This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on August 22, 2022.     14 Sweetrain 4433   After the introductions, Vargr and Uggmar went to the meeting for those participating in the wrestling event. When they entered the arena, they found Tulip arguing with “The Woodcutter”, an older man. The crux of the argument seemed to be Vargr and Uggmar’s participation in the wrestling event. The Woodcutter was complaining that they would mess up his bracket by bringing the total number of wrestlers to ten, and that he “already had a half-orc.” Tulip insisted that Uggmar was part of her crew and that he needed to be included since this was her turf. The Woodcutter agreed to let them in, but insisted on the first set of matches being an elimination to get the bracket down to eight again. Uggmar and Vargr sold him on the idea of a tag team match where they could work together against his wrestlers. They w