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Traveller: Session 33

  This session was run on June 15, 2023.   130-2108   They confronted Reverend Kavanaugh about the wrench and the explosive bolts and he changed his story again. He now claimed that, even in his revised story, he had still tried to protect Dieter and his memory. Dieter had not just surrendered to fate and drawn straws after his failed attempt to poison Kavanaugh at breakfast. As soon as it was clear that the paralytic was not working, he attempted to choke Kavanaugh. As the two wrestled, Kavanaugh grabbed a wrench from the toolbox, left in the common room during their repair efforts, and bashed Dieter over the head. He had then flushed Dieter’s body, along with the wrench, out of the airlock. He claimed not to have known about the explosive bolts and said that, because there were only two of them aboard, there were sixteen hours each day where only one of them was awake.   Unable to determine if this latest story was true, they informed him that they stil

Traveller: Session 32

  This session was run on June 8, 2023.   The crew of the Far Horizon woke from their five-year voyage from Tartarus in 2105 C.E. to find themselves in a different world. The political situation between Earth, Mars, and Luna had degraded and, eventually, resulted in outright war. This was humanity’s first orbital war, and it was almost its last. Mars and Luna had long complained about the Earth powers’ economic exploitation of them, and the war resulted from Luna’s declaration of independence. The U.N. cut them off, to show them how dependent they were on imported resources. Perhaps this would have worked over the long run but Luna didn’t plan on starving. They interpreted the U.N.’s actions as an attempt to wipe them out and played their only card; the high ground. It only took five rocks for Earth to surrender but those rocks killed over two billion people and left vast swathes of the surface uninhabitable for generations. The crew returned to a world where

Traveller: Session 19

  This session was run on February 9, 2023.   Hour 63   With the submersible mission and refueling operations complete at Area 58, they decided to move on to investigate another area. Based on the damage from collisions the Far Horizon had suffered and CASS’s strange behavior, they decided that they had to assume that they might only get a chance to investigate one more site. They chose Area 23, as the strange radiation readings there were the most promising lead they had and prepared to fly the shuttle over.   On board the Far Horizon , repairs following the collision with the moon fragments continued.   Hour 64-65   Bob had no issues piloting the lander from Area 58 to Area 23 and was able to safely set down about 500 meters from the cliff face where the radiation readings originated from.   Hour 66   They suited up and Vic and Katiya headed for the cliff face to perform some preliminary scans. Bob and Helen set up the heaters to avoid

Traveller: Session 29

  This session was run on May 18, 2023.   023-1118   After they had put a few hours between themselves and the gas giant, Aryanna realized they had a new problem. She had used a sedative on Aminaha out of fear of her psionic abilities, but she could not use that sedative for the rest of the trip. The sedative she had used was safe for short term use, but never intended to keep somebody under for a few days. In fact, just using it for more than a couple of hours raised ethical concerns for her. They were going to be forced into a situation where they would have to deal with the Zhodani noblewoman without any kind of suppression.   The travellers briefly considered removing the helmet from Nadeemi’s head and putting it on Aminaha, but M’han pointed out that Aminaha had a chance to use her psionic abilities and had only used them to influence Aryanna’s perception of Nadeemi. They had no idea what Nadeemi would do if he was able to use his abilities. They eve

Traveller: Session 28

  This session was run on May 4, 2023.   023-1118   Marven carefully maneuvered the Hollow Ranger to dock with the failing Zhodani ship, Ayman Bahamdan . Torvald calculated that they only had three hours before they would have to separate from the Zhodani ship in order to escape the gravitational pull of the gas giant. He warned that, if the travellers did anything to worsen the situation while aboard, that they could have even less time. Once they achieved lock-to-lock contact, they were able to communicate with Nawal, the Zhodani prole who sent the distress signal, thanks to the universal communications couplings.   Nawal told them that she was not sure what caused the emergency but there had been an explosion and lots of alarms went off. She was stuck in her cabin on B Deck because the door was showing that there was no pressure in the corridor. She told them that the individual rooms did not have vacc suits in them. She was not sure if anyone else wa

Wilderlands: Session 52

  This session was run on November 20, 2023.   15 Thawmist 4434   After catching up with Roderick and Kang, the party decided to investigate the inside of the giant dome in the White Worm village. The roof of the dome was still split open from where the giant white worm that the tribe considered to be their god had bust through during their battle. In the center of the dome, they found a large hole, 50’ in diameter. They decided to investigate it, hoping to learn more about the mysterious giant worm that they now believed was frozen beneath the ice at the Centipede Brothers village.        Stranger lowered a lantern down into the shaft using a rope. It illuminated a ledge about sixty feet below, he could see that the shaft continued far beyond that. He could see a horizontal tunnel intersecting the vertical shaft at the ledge. Tying a rope around himself, the hoop climbed down to the ledge. As he stood on the ledge, he realized that he could hear his comp

Traveller: Session 27

  This session was run on April 27, 2023.   019-1118   After parting ways with Chakraborty, they decided to look for more work until the slot for the Prismatic Ray opened up at the depot. Two possible jobs caught their eye:   1.      Abigail Bullet: A woman looking to get off the planet without anyone noticing. Offering 25,000 Cr. 2.      Torvald Dent: A drive systems engineer looking to test a new, high efficiency, thrust drive design. He needs a crew to run his Scout Type S while he performs the test. 10,000 Cr. for three days of work.   They did a quick background check on Dent and learned that he was an engineer and, until recently, had been employed by Tukera Lines. They found some mention of an intellectual property lawsuit filed by Tukera at the time his employment ended, but it appeared that it was settled out of court.   Zarf, M’han, and Arenui contacted Abigail and she gave them the address of a fish processing plant where fish brough

Traveller: Session 26

  This session was run on April 20, 2023.   018-1118   As they rode the elevator up to the higher level of the city, they examined the radio more carefully. Arenui determined that it was not a commercial radio and that it had strong encryption. Zarf took a closer look at the statue and thought that it seemed to be really old, potentially pre-human starflight. Concerned, he asked Trow if there was any chance that the statue could be an Ancients artifact. Trow told him that he didn’t really know where it came from and that his grandfather had been a collector of strange items. He thought his grandfather probably would have mentioned that in his will if it was.   They arrived at the high-rise apartment building and had to go through security in order to access the elevator. Zarf and Marven both tried to hold back weapons but were caught by the scanner and surrender them without incident. They took the elevator up to Rathe Hawthore’s penthouse to make the sal