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I Don't Know How Long This Will Last...

... but I might as well give this blog another try as long as I am stuck in the house. What Have I Been Up To? It has been a couple of years since I last posted. As usual, the more I actually manage to game, the less I manage to post, and I have been gaming a lot. Miniatures Gaming One of the biggest changes over the last few years is the amount of miniature wargames I play now. I started playing with the  Second Saturday Scrum Group  a while back, and we generally play a new wargame every month.  In addition to regular gaming, we have put on a local gaming convention for the last two Februaries.  ScrumCon , our convention, is split 50/50 between  Several of my fellow Scum Club members also have blogs where you can learn more about the games we have been playing and our conventions: Joe John Walt Zach  (Many of you will already be familiar with his blog, Zenopus Archives) Jared Roleplaying Games Call of Cthulhu While I have not done much pl