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Stars Without Number Campaign: On Reynold's World (Session 3 )

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

The players decided to raid Spiros's compound to free Kasama. They quietly moved out of the camp and circled around to a high tower on the same side of the camp as Spiros's compound. Derby Pope climbed the tower and could see over the wall that the small compound consisted of two buildings, two small shed-like outbuildings, and a heli-pad. One of the outbuildings seemed to be an outhouse.

After he reported back in, they slipped around the back of the compound and scaled the rear wall. They decided that the larger outbuilding was the holding cell that Marcus had described and made their way to the door. They took out the guard standing by the door and GB used his teleport ability to phase into the outbuilding while Derby Pope opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, an alarm went off. GB pulled Kasama out of view behind the outbuilding as Pope pulled himself up onto the roof and Leonalcus used his holocloak to take the general form of the guard they had knocked out. He turned around and pretended to examine the door.

As a group of men came running around one of the larger buildings to respond to the alarm, Leonalcus told them that he didn't know what happened. His disguise was far from perfect, but it worked well enough to draw them in a bit closer before they realized that there was invaders.

Once Spiros and his men were in close, the team opened fire on them. The firefight was over quick, but got a bit messy when Spiros started throwing grenades. When all of the attackers were down, the team slipped back over the rear fence and made their escape.

Once they were sure that they were safe, they questioned Kasama and he told them that Spiros had only seemed interested in learning who he had told about the door. Once he had established that he hadn't told anybody, Spiros had promised to let him go "once the coast was clear". He did not understand what Spiros was referring to,

They took Kasama back to Wood, who thanked them and agreed to resume talks with Chioma. She also agreed to allow them to use Spiros's compound as long as they were on call for security services. She made it clear that she was no longer interested in any violent confrontations with the union.

After they reported back to Chioma, GB hired Lupe using his henchman ability.


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