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Stars Without Number Campaign: On Reynold's World (Session 4)

This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

Having secured permission to use Spiros's compound for themselves at the end of the last session, the former Terminators set about exploring it. It was small, with only two buildings of note (an office that doubled as Spiros's bedroom, and a cramped barracks). The compound also had an outhouse, a utility shed, and a helipad. 

Their search of Spiros's office turned up an easily hacked laptop. The contents of the laptop showed that Spiros was obsessed with a famous outlaw/rebel named Spiros (a relation) that had plagued the system 80 years ago. They also found a software key that they strongly suspected would open the door Kasama found.

They convinced Wood to lend them a truck and let Kasama lead them to the door in exchange for providing security while Kasama finished his mine surveys in the area. The key did, in fact, open the door, and they were able to determine from the door's logs that it had not been opened in 45 years. 

Inside, they found a large chamber that had clearly been used as a grade some time in the distant past. It was empty except for six Imperial Terminator Cyber Cycles. The Terminators were very excited by this discovery, because the Cyber Cycles had been the trademark vehicles of the Terminators at the height of the Empire. It had been years since the Empire could afford to keep them in service though. These cycles were not currently functional, but could be repaired with some time and expensive components. They hired some of the miners to haul them up to their compound.

The Terminators decided that while they had a steady source of income to cover day-to-day expenses, they were going to need some higher risk/reward jobs to be able to afford to repair the cycles. The decided to head for Hermanville, a small town about six hours away by airfare to see if they could find work. 


  1. Can't drop Imperial Terminator Cyber Cycles on us with some details/stats!

    1. The Cyber Cycles are not yet functional and some of their capabilities are secret. I will post the stats when they are not spoilers for the group though.


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