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Traveller: Session 45



This session was run on October 19, 2023.




Before leaving Last Exit, the travellers advertised for new passengers. They signed on Francis Tiana, a radio scientist headed for Daazu, and Scarlett Penn, a reporter travelling to Soar. Both passengers offered the crew some additional work when they reached their destinations. Francis offered them an additional 5,00 Cr. if they would let him run a radio experiment from their ship once they arrived in the Daazu system. Penn was willing to pay an extra 5,000 Cr. if they would serve as her camera crew for an important noble wedding on Soar. They jumped away without incident with Twinsong as their first stop.




Zarf talked to Penn after dinner and learned that she grew up on Capital and had been making her way to the Solomani border for an assignment when the war started. She did not believe that her news service existed anymore and was just trying to make her way doing freelance work.




Arenui spoke with Francis when she found him working on his radio in the common area and learned that he had been born on Terra but spent most of his childhood in the Spinward Marches due to his mother’s diplomatic post.




They had a clean exit from jumpspace in the Twinsong system and made their way to the surface to refuel and catch up with some old friends. The starport was still little more than a paved landing pad with a few rundown hangars and the whole planet still stank of dead fish from the chemical imbalance in the oceans.


After they set down, Grask, the vargr bus driver, and Jade Aven, the pilot who was captured by the Jugisaal’s Razer, came out to meet them. The pirates released Jade after holding her for several weeks. When they realized there was no chance of ransom, they dumped her back on Twinsong and she had been stuck there ever since. She had no real job prospects here and was hoping to hitch a ride off planet. They told her that they were full, but that they would post a message at Livermore that she was looking for transport.


Grask drove them in to Caldera and they tracked down Cindy Stevens, the transport plane pilot, and Polka Tim, her grenade-loving dolphin sidekick, in a dive bar. It was quickly obvious that the two had been trading on their fame gained in driving off the pirates for free drinks, and that they were starting to wear out their welcome. Cindy mentioned that they had a lead on a job and they were willing to cut the travellers in. A on Erobi wanted a baby Luvelo’s Grampus for some tests. Cindy told them that Polka Tim knew where to get one, but they would have to “pick it up off a moving train.” They were willing to pay the party 50,000 Cr. plus freight fees for their help. Having met Cindy and Tim before, the travellers decided they did not want to participate in the pickup portion of the operation, but they were happy to provide a freight service as far as Livermore where it could transfer to Erobi. Cindy told them they would be back in a few days.




Cindy and Tim arrived back in Caldera with the Grampus as promised. They loaded it into the cargo bay and left for Livermore.




They arrived at Livermore without incident. They dropped of the Grampus and took on eight tons of freight destined for Soar. They refueled and jumped for Soar.




They suffered an inaccurate jump and emerged four days from the planet by sublight. When the Travellers’ New Service updates downloaded, they learned that Aryanna’s planet had been destroyed by one of the fleets following a battle. Both Lucan and Dulinor were blaming each other.




They arrived at Soar. They refueled at the starport and performed monthly maintenance and the required life support refresh. Penn paid them 25,000 Cr. for her transportation fee and told them to get ready to film the wedding.


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