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Traveller: Session 43


This session was run on October 5, 2023.




They spent the morning setting up cots in the cargo bay and moving the necessary personal items for everyone to sleep there. Aryanna performed a medical examination of Zeke but could find nothing physically wrong with him. He seemed lucid but claimed that he had fired at a giant ball with tentacles in the hall. They decided not to tell him that he had killed Dirk and Ulrich ordered him restrained for his own good.


M'han asked Ulrich for permission to search the room again, he gave it and told Sarah to work with them. They performed a more thorough examination this time and found a black stone pyramid, about the size of a bowling ball, under the floor of the locker where they found the skeleton. Being careful not to touch it, M’han ran an emergency radio over it and detected static on the G-Band. He did not mention his suspicion that this was an Ancients artifact to Sarah.


After a brief discussion, they decided to let M’han try touching it. As soon as he made contact, he fell unconscious. Aryanna easily woke him up with a low dosage of stimulant. M’han pulled on the gloves from an emergency vacc suit and tried touching the pyramid again. Nothing happened this time.


Arenui, curious to see if it would have the same effect on a droyne as on a vargr, touched it, but nothing happened to him.


M’han volunteered to sleep with the pyramid next to his head to see if they could replicate the dream incidents. They tied him to the bunk, put the pyramid directly next to his head, and Sarah knocked him out with her psionic power.


M’han found himself floating in space, looking at a solar system from one of the outer planetary orbits. He noticed that the system appeared to be inside a globe of light. After observing for a while longer he decided that the light he was seeing was actually the light from the sun passing through the globe surrounding the solar system and then immediately reentering from appoint directly opposite.


He woke up about two hours after being knocked out and described what he saw to the others. They decided that this physical configuration was not possible. Arenui volunteered to try, but while touching the pyramid since that did not seem to affect him in the same way. They repeated the experiment with the droyne.


Arenui found himself standing on a platform above a gas giant. A droyne, of indeterminate caste, appeared on the platform next to him and introduced himself as Grandfather. Grandfather, who did not seem interested in answering questions, told Arenui to bring the pyramid to him. When Arenui asked him how he would know where to bring it, Grandfather answered that he would send him a sign.

After Arenui woke up, they tried again with M’han touching it, but nothing happened.




The ship dropped out of jump space and jumped again about eight hours later.




The ship dropped out of jump space again and Ulrich informed them that they were in the Tantelos system. He intended to drop them off at an abandoned, but functional, space station circling the gas giant. Aryanna asked him if he had radioed for help for the Twilight Ember and he confirmed that he had done so after the first jump. He told them that there were other ships in the system, and someone should be able to get them from the station in about a day. They would be in no danger, and he would have no trouble getting away. He promised that the kids would be better cared for than if they stayed in the Imperium. Aryanna warned him about Nadeemi again and asked if they could keep the pyramid. He replied that he was happy just to get the damned thing off his ship.


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