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Traveller: Session 14



This session was run on January 5, 2023.


For this session, we returned to the Archdukes as they reached their home systems starting on 244-1116 when Brzk reached Antares.




Brzk focused on securing the loyalty of the fleets assigned to his sector when he returned. He fired Admiral Cyrox, the sector admiral with whom he did not have a good relationship, and promoted Admiral Bryce in his place. He arrived too late to stop the Lishun fleet from obeying Lucan’s order to go to Capital.




Tranian reached Annapabar on 251-1116 with the Senior Moot and Chief Counselor Dunn aboard his ship. He immediately declared a Moot-in-exile. The declaration will reach Capital on 337-1116. His military advisors notified him that Sector Fleets 17 and 52 had declared their loyalty to Lucan and left for Capital. He renamed his sector flagship “Ciencia” in honor of the fallen princess.




Ishuggi and Margaret arrived on Vland on 252-1116. He immediately moved to get ahead of the recall order that Lucan issued for the Corridor and Vland sector fleets. The Vland fleet swore loyalty to Ishuggi and refused Lucan’s order, but the Corridor fleet obeyed. He attempted to use elements of his other fleets to intercept the Corridor fleet, but it slipped past him at Estoff on 025-1117. In response, Ishuggi relocated fleets from the protected subsectors in his domain’s interior to guard the dept in Corridor, the border with Lishun, and his northern border with the Vargr. He messaged Brzk proposing that they work together to turn Lishun into a funnel to channel any Vargr incursions towards Core.




On 170-1116, Lucan called Adair in for an audience. Lucan informed Adair that he was the only Archduke that had stayed loyal to the Imperium and charged him with calling the Moot together to confirm his ascension to emperor. They also discussed what to do about Margaret’s declaration that she was empress. Adair counseled the young emperor that he should think of Dulinor as the primary threat and that it might be possible to bring Margaret back into the fold once Dulinor was dealt with. Adair encouraged Lucan to release the nobles that he had imprisoned following the assassination as a gesture of goodwill towards the Moot. Lucan agreed to release them to house arrest.


On 200-1116, Adair assembled the Moot with 90% of nobles present on Capital reporting. He polled the nobles to get a sense of how they would vote if he called for a confirmation of Lucan. Of the 800 nobles assembled, 397 were inclined to vote for Lucan, 25 supported Margaret’s claim, 100 supported Vland seceding from the Imperium and forming a new Ziru Sirka with Ishuggi as the Vilani emperor, and 278 were still undecided.


On 211-1116, Adair met with the nobles under house arrest and secured promises from them to renounce their titles and leave Capital if Lucan released them. He met with Lucan and the emperor agreed to release the imprisoned nobles under those terms.


Adair spent several weeks working on the undecided nobles and assembled the Moot again on 260-1116 to vote. Lucan was confirmed with 530 of 800 nobles voting to endorse his ascension to the Iridium Throne.


On 356-1116, news reached Capital that Lucan’s initial push against Dulinor had met success at Icebox in the Zarushagar sector. On 37-1117, news reached Capital that Dulinor’s forces had inflicted heavy damage on Bellum, in Core, during a daring raid.




On 300-1116, Craig reached Warinir and polled his subsector fleet admirals. He learned that fleets 289 and 234 had declared for Lucan and returned to Core. Craig informed his fleets that he did not support Dulinor’s claim (despite Daibei being part of his domain) based on the Rite of Assassination and that he was not convinced by the evidence available supporting either Lucan or Margaret’s claims. He declared that he would focus on defending the Imperium from the Solomani and concentrate on securing the rimward border. He sent envoys to the Diaspora sector duke and the Aslan.


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