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Traveller: Session 15


This session was run on January 12, 2023.


Ishuggi and Margaret (Vland)


On 050-1117, news reached Vland that the Delphi sector fleets were fighting amongst themselves with some supporting Margaret’s claim and others supporting Lucan. Margaret issued a statement, to be broadcast in Delphi Sector, calling on the fleets to stop fighting and concentrate on securing the border and preparing to help repel any Solomani incursion into the Old Expanses. Ishuggi informed his advisors of the information regarding the Empress Wave that Strephon had disclosed in the meeting on Capital. He also sent an envoy to Regina (Deneb) to inform Duke Norris of the coming danger.


Adair (Capital)


Reports continue to come in from the front that Lucan’s fleets are making progress in Zarushagar towards Ilelish but Dulinor’s fleets were taking territory in Dagudashaag on their way to Core. In addition, Dulinor was having great success with lighting raids on commerce deep into Lucan’s territory. On 100-1117, Adair met with Lucan and they decided to declare Craig Archduke of Ilelish. Over 90% of the Moot voted in favor of confirming this decision. News of his promotion will reach Craig on 212-1117.


Brzk (Antares)


With reports of increased Vargr raids, Brzk decided to focus on securing his coreward border. On 075-1117, an envoy from the Julian Protectorate offered him admission if Antares seceded from the Imperium. Brzk discussed this with his advisors. If Antares joined the protectorate, he would be the biggest member state and have close to half the population of the protectorate, making him a major power. Ultimately, he decided to declare for Margaret and politely declined the offer. The envoy was disappointed but stressed that the protectorate wanted to maintain strong relations and that the offer was still open. In his message to Margaret pledging his support, Brzk indicated that he would not support a renewed Ziru Sirka as Antares would consider an independent Vilani state to be a threat.


Trainian (Annapabar)


Tranian’s advisors informed him that they calculated that the Two Thousand Worlds (K’kree territory) became aware of Strephon’s assassination at the end of 1116. He ordered them to prepare border defense strategies. Any attack from the K’kree would take a while to reach the Gateway Domain and have to pass through several independent polities. Tranian sent envoys to coordinate defense.


Tranian ordered his military advisors to examine the feasibility of a raid on the Foranst depot in hopes of securing additional shipbuilding capacity. They reported back that, due to Lucan moving his forces spinward to deal with Dulinor, the raid had a high probability of success.

On 112-1117, Tranian received a message from Dulinor saying that he understood Tranian’s choice to support Margaret over him. Dulinor also attempted to explain why he felt that he had no choice but to assassinate Strephon and warned Tranian that his spies told him that even before the assassination, Prince Lucan had been operating his own spies in the Domain of Sol and had established some kind of secret weapons lab. Tranian decided to pass this information on to Ishuggi and Margaret.


Craig (Daibei)


Craig, still unaware that he had been promoted to archduke, continued to ignore Dulinor’s orders with the support of his admirals. He reached out to the small polities in Reaver’s Deep and Adair’s admirals about mutual defense. He also ordered his staff to prepare for refugees from the Solomani border.


On 100-1117, Craig learned that the Solomani were massing on the border.


On 111-1117, Craig’s spies informed him that they had learned of a rogue planet in the Reft Sector that might make it possible for a small number of ships to cut across “The Claw” as a shortcut to the Spinward Marches.


On 138-1117, news reached Daibei that the Solomani had surged across the border and laid siege to Terra. The war with the Solomani had begun and the Imperium was busy fighting with itself.


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