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Traveller: Session 21


 This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on February 23, 2023.


This session we created characters for the next phase of the campaign. This part of the campaign takes place concurrently with the Archdukes section of the campaign during the rebellion following the assassination of Emperor Strephon in 1116. This section will feature more traditional Traveller characters who have recently been discharged from their earlier careers and are now finding their own way in an Imperium in flames. It will take place in the Diaspora Sector, part of the Domain of Sol and an area standing on the precipice of unimaginable violence between the various factions of the rebellion. We will begin play on 001-1118 on the planet Twinsong, a water world in the Kushga subsector.

The characters:

Aryanna: She has bounced around between many careers including some time in the Navy as a medic and working as a scientist. She is coming to Twinsong in hopes of finding a new start.

Mhan V’Ruk: A Vargr who just mustered out of their equivalent of the Imperial Scout Service. He came to the Domain of Sol in hopes of visiting Terra and learning of the pre-history of the Vargr and their origin there. He has found his path blocked by the start of the war between the Solomani Confederation and the Imperium.

Mar-ven: A K’kree drifter who has never felt like he belongs with his own people. He does not feel the need to be a member of a herd. He came to the Imperium as part of a diplomatic mission but was left behind when the rest of the K’kree pulled out with the start of hostilities (a danger of not sticking with the herd). He has come to Twinsong to study Luvelo’s Grampus, psuedosentient, air-breathing, aquatic animals that have some kind of communal intelligence. He hopes to learn more about their unique herd dynamics.

Arenui: A warrior caste Droyne working as a broker. He has come to Twinsong to learn about the small Droyne colony on the planet.

Hal Zellgar: Well educated with a strong technical background, he took up the life of a free trader after being fired (under mysterious circumstances) from his job as a scientist.

Zarf Beatlebrow: After a long survey career in the Imperial Scout Service, Zarf has come to Twinsong to take possession of the Type-S Scout he is entitled to while on Detached Duty.



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