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Wilderlands: Session 26


This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

This session was run on December 5th, 2022.


17 Meadowlark 4433


After defeating the bulette, the party returned to Byrny and spent two weeks training to allow a couple of party members to level up.


During this downtime, Gwythian composed a song extolling Englebart’s virtues (he had taken a job as his personal PR bard) and taught it to the other bards in town. The song focused on the young lord’s bravery in taking up Grant’s quest for the spear and his eligibility for marriage. Englebart hoped to marry back into landed nobility since the loss of his family’s land at the tournament.


Gwythian also met with Lady Krutz and they discussed her plans for marrying off her daughter. She had hoped to marry her to Athelnar, but the warrior returned to his family’s lands south of the City State after the tournament. She told Gwythian that she would invite him to dinner in the near future so they could discuss the issue further.


11 Longgrass 4433


They arrived back at the barrows in the late afternoon and noticed that someone had set up camp on the southeast mound. They carefully approached the tents but did not see anyone and decided to search the tents. It appeared that the camp had been recently inhabited and they found a backpack with the straps burned off. Inside the backpack, they found three books on demonology. They decided to descend the staircase down into the mound with the camp.



They found themselves in an area of strangely curved walls. Remembering the circular room that Gwythian had been trapped in elsewhere in the dungeon, they tapped on the walls but all seemed hollow. As they spread out to search the area, Uggmar turned a corner to find a room full of skeletons. Disturbed by his presence, the skeletons stirred to unlife.


As the skeletons began to move, two skate-like creatures appeared next to Cayuga and Stranger and attacked. The strange beings were floating in the air and struck at the two adventurers with their barbed tails. The duck and the hoop felt their muscles harden into paralysis as poison spread through their bodies.



The party engaged the skeletons and the skates in battle. Creng quickly went down under a hail of arrows from the skeletal archers. More skeletons appeared from the north. Rouen summoned illusionary hounds to try to make up some of the gap in their numbers and prevent the party from being overwhelmed by the skates and the skeletons. 


Stranger managed to shake of the effects of the poison quickly and began whaling on the skates with The Father of Swords while Duycken engaged them with his heavy mace. They managed to do enough damage to the skates to cause them to turn invisible and flee again. Stranger could track them by sound leaving to the east. 


Duycken used Quack of Doom to stun all the skeletons and give the party some breathing room. Vargr managed to turn several of the skeletons, and they fled to the east. Stranger warned that more skeletons were approaching from the west and Uggmar ran to block the doorway.


As the session ended, the party was dealing with skeletons on three different fronts. 



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