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Wilderlands: Lords of the Byrny Area III



Ramwen (Byrny)

Located west of Byrny. Lord Ramwen does a capable job overseeing his fields and forest. Like Boyter he is rarely threatened by incursion from the hills to the south, and never in any real force. He was awarded this claim by Governor Hetalan because of his prowess in organizing the rebuilding of many of the miners’ apartments in Byrny. The older buildings resented a sever fire threat and the newer ones, featuring better roofs and more space between units, are considered much safer. He is fairly young at 35, and chiefly concerned with administering his estate. He may be interested in finding a knight to represent him at the tourney.

Rixia (Overlord)

Located northwest of Byrny. Originally from the Kingdom of Karak, Lady Rixia came to the Wilderlands as a mercenary. The Overlord granted her this manor 25 years ago due to her bravery in a battle against the forces of Viridistan. She has proved a capable administrator of her lands in addition to her considerable skills at soldiering. She briefly returned to Karak 19 years ago and returned pregnant. Kayla, her daughter, will be representing her at the joust and is well known for her performance in tourneys and melees in the area where she has earned the nickname "The Wolverine".


Roset (Byrny)

Located northwest of Byrny. Like Somer, Blan, and Fiel, Loafkeeper Roset’s estate is plagued by increasing threats from fey, dire animals, monsters, and the occasional goblin raid. They have good farm land, but they struggle to keep their forest productive due to the potential for attacks on workers and hunters. Roset has good relations with their neighbor Lady Patter, is irritated by the bickering between Blan and Fiel, and finds Lord Somer to be insufferable. They take their martial responsibilities as seriously as they do their farm administration and will be personally participating in the tourney.


Skel (Byrny)

Located along the river to the northeast of Byrny. Lord Skel's grandmother, Ingrid, was a Skandian raider who tormented the smaller settlements along the River Stillring until the governor of Byrny laid an ambush and captured her. Rather than execute his prisoner, the governor offered Ingrid the land she was standing on in exchange for her service in protecting the river. She accepted and her family has served faithfully ever since. Lord Skel is rich in both fish and farmland and keeps the longships required to patrol the river in good shape. Lord Skel, while still sharp, is beyond his physical prime and has always been more comfortable on boats than horses. His second son, Arne, will represent him at the tourney. Arne is a ferocious fighter and has won several melees partnered with Lady Rixia's daughter, the Wolverine. There are rumors that their partnership goes beyond the battlefield.

Somer (Byrny)

Located northwest of Byrny. Lord Somer was rewarded with this estate as a result in his part in closing the gate beneath Shewold with Sylvianna and Athelnar. He was badly wounded in the battle and walks with a limp to this day. He personally cleared the land that he farms, disposing of many dire animals and monsters in the process. He has little patience for what he perceives as whining from Blan and Fiel. He has recently been pressuring Loafkeeper Roset to push Lord Bland to deal with an aggressive dire bear living on his land. Somer claims the bear has raided his sheep flocks on several occasions. In the fall Somer and Blan almost came to blows when Somer led some of his men onto Blan’s land to kill the bear. His limp does not keep him from riding and he intends to win the tourney.

Sten (Byrny/Thunderhold)

Located north of Byrny. Lady Sten inherited a manor in disarray when her father died. He squandered most of the family fortune and badly mismanaged the properties. He was forced to take on others as vassals in exchange for various financial bailouts and even, once, as the result of a card game with Lord Parway. As a result, Lady Sten has strained, at best, relations with her vassals with Parway and Norcus bordering on outright hostile. While still only in her ‘30s, there is concern that Lady Sten has not yet married and has no clear heir. Should she die without issue, the question of inheritance would be decided amongst a confusing array of distant cousins, none of which live in the area. Fear of this outcome has caused both Governor Hetalan and Thunderhold to encourage her to marry or adopt an heir soon. So far she has not responded to this requests. She has arranged for Sir Grant, a paladin of Mitra, to represent her at the tourney.  

Sulner (Byrny)

Located southwest of Byrny. Lady Sulner oversees the largest mining operation in the Byrny area. She produces more than a third of all iron ore consumed by the manufactories in Byrny. She is the former head of the mining guild and was granted this land by Governor Hetalan as recognition of her competence. This is the only recorded instance of someone who started as a miner becoming a lady. Because she mines so far into the hills to the south, she has more issues with monsters than her neighbors who mostly only claim land to the foot of the hills. She has recently appealed to Governor Hetalan to take some kind of action with respect to Batten’s competence. Not only does she believe that Lady Batten could run her mines more efficiently, but she claims that runoff water from Batten’s mines is compromising her farmland. She has no interest in the tournament.

Townry (Byrny)

Located northwest of Byrny. Lord Townry is a second generation land holder and tries to cause as little fuss with his neighbors as possible. He is close with Lord Hops and Lady Sten, but feels a bit threatened by his more militaristic neighbors to the west. He considers Lord Anders to be a pompous ass and Daven to be dull, so he avoids them as much as possible. He has arranged for Sir Pelnor, a paladin of Mitra, to represent him at the tournament.

Trout (Byrny)

Located east of Byrny. Lord Trout carefully manages the rich, riverside farmland that has been in his family for generations. He has a tight alliance with Krutz and Baily when it comes to demanding that Custalcon’s actions be curbed. He has also quietly expressed concern to Governor Hetalan about Montu to his south. He does not feel like Lady Montu’s husband is really focused on running the estate and worries that Custalcon’s goblins may be taking advantage of the situation there. He also worries that it will take too long to get a new lord appointed when the lady inevitably passes. His son Engelbart will be participating in the tournament.


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