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Wilderlands: Session 10



This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

This session was run on June 27, 2022.

 5 Sweetrain 4433

This session picks up immediately after Session 9 left off. The party is in combat with four animated suits of armor and a statue of Lord Braden. They have made a fighting withdraw from the manor house and are waiting to engage their foes as they exit the building.

The statues do not act as the party was expecting, while the first one does exit the door they are guarding and engages Cozsari and Gwythian, the others start making their way to the other exits from the mansion to flank the party. They can hear the manor groaning under the weight of Lord Braden climbing the stairs to the second floor.

As they were fighting the statue in the doorway, Braden threw a spear at Cozsari from one of the second story windows.

The party managed to kill the statue in the doorway and while Gwythian, Uggmar, and Varger turned their attention to the one that had slipped around the back to flank them, Duycken and Cozsari rushed south to intercept the ones exiting the front door of the manor. Braden hit Cozsari with another spear from the second floor and Creng shoved a goodberry in Stranger's mouth to bring him back from unconsciousness. The party points out the danger Braden presents to Cozsari, telling her to smash the wall under the window. The giantess is too intent on the statues to switch tactics.

Vargr and Gwythian killed the second statue to the north while Duycken and Cozsari blocked the advance of the second wave of statues from the south. Stranger, newly recovered, used his hoop ability to turn metal into goo on one of the statues, causing a large section of its armor to slide off on to the ground. Braden threw another spear at Cozsari.

Vargr recognized the threat from the second floor and, despite being badly wounded, rushed up the stairs. Meanwhile, Gwythian hit Braden through the window with his bow. Cozsari smashed the armor that Stranger had "gooped". 

As Vargr reached the second floor hallway, Braden engages him and he quickly realizes that he is overmatched. Stranger cast magic stones to provide himself with some extra missile attack power. 

Vargr retreated back down the stairs as the remaining animated armor fell to the combination of Cozsari's tree trunk club and Creng's sneaky attack. Gwythian moves into the manor to help Vargr.

The groaning and creaking sounds reached alarming levels as Braden chased after Vargr. As the statue lord ran down the hallway to the stairs, he fell through the floor, bringing the ceiling down on Gwythian below. 

Gwythian took the opportunity to strike the prone Braden, getting a solid hit in. As the others rushed to join the fight against Braden, Cozsari remembered the instruction to attack the wall and began beating on the side of the manor, the party quickly pleaded with her to stop. Braden got up and took Vargr down with a massive blow from his two handed sword. Uggmar managed to get in a killing blow against Braden and the statue crumbled to the floor.

The party, after recovering Braden's magic two handed sword, did a quick search of the area. Creng noticed a hole dug under the tree in the graveyard that was big enough for a human to craw through. They stopped to rest for the night.

6 Sweetrain 4433


In the morning, they spent some time healing up Vargr and then decided to rest until afternoon so that he could recover his spells. Freshly recovered from the battle, they decided to get the chest they saw under the water in the great hall. Uggmar dove in with the intention of fastening a grappling hook to the chest so the others could haul it out of the water. As he made his way to the chest, he noticed one of the skeletons was a child with some kind of sapphire pendant fastened around its neck.

As he was securing the hook to the chest, Uggmar was surprised by a form moving towards him through the murky water. It was the stuffed shark they had seen mounted behind the throne earlier. Uggmar quickly finished securing the rope and swam back to the ledge.

The shark lunged out of the water to attack Uggmar as the rest of the party tried to haul the chest out of the water or hit the shark.

Gwythian sliced the shark with the two handed sword, spilling stuffing everywhere, and Creng finished it off with a bow shot. They hauled the chest out of the water and Ugmmar dove back in to retrieve the necklace.

Inside the chest they found a pile of coins and a magic longsword. Gwythian took this sword and gave the two handed sword to Stranger. They moved on to investigate the stable behind the house.

When they entered the stable, they noticed that a statue of a man on a horse, similar to the one they had destroyed earlier in the mansion, seemed to be half phased through the north wall. As they moved through the stable, they noticed their feet passed through the straw on the floor as though it was insubstantial. Gwythian noticed saddlebags hanging in the rear stall and moved to investigate.

As he entered the stall, a spectral horse, with fire coming from its eyes and mouth appeared and trampled him. 

The horse charged out and attacked Duycken in the center of the room. Duycken tried to fight the horse, but his mace passed right through it. Gwythian ran around to the back of the stable. 

Vargr tried to turn the horse, but failed. Creng took the opportunity to run away as Stranger moved in to engage the horse with the magic two handed sword. The reared up and brought its hooves down on Duycken, knocking him unconscious.

Gwythian smashed the other side of the statue from the rear of the stable and the horse disappeared. They found some coins and potions of cure light wounds in the saddlebags.


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