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Wilderlands: Campaign Prep Resources


Below is a list of resources that I have used in preparing and running my Castles & Crusades Wilderlands game. I will update it as I add items.

  • Wilderness Hexplore: This is a consolidated approach to Judges' Guild style hex sandboxes. It is presented in a way that is better organized and easier to use than the originals.
  • Castles & Crusades Players Handbook: The link is to the most recent printing, but the 7th printing is available free here.
  • Castles & Crusades Monsters and Treasures: This, plus the Players Handbook, is the only thing you need to play Castles & Crusades.
  • Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Guide: This has great explanations of how the system works and a host of optional rules. This is nice to have, but not necessary to play the game.
  • Castles & Crusades NPC Sketches: A great resource for pre-made NPCs. The characters presented here are ready to go with stats and backstories. Some even come with stats for the character and different levels. This sits next to me during the game in case I need an NPC on the fly. Several NPCs in my game are derived from this book.
  • City State of the Invincible Overlord: I bought the Necromancer Games version of this when it came out. It is like a bajillion dollars now, so I can't recommend getting it.
  • Wilderlands of High Fantasy Box Set: I bought the Necromancer version of this when it came out as well. It now sells for significantly more than even the overpriced City State book above. It is nice to have, because it rounds things out with more detail, but I cannot recommend paying what it costs. I also have the Players Guide, which I am sure has the same issues. Just use Rob Conley's versions that are on Drivethru (below).
  • Rob Conely's Wilderlands Maps and Guides: Rob re-drew the maps and cleaned up the guidebooks. There isn't the same level of detail in the guides as there is in the Necromancer versions, but a lot of that was hit or miss anyway. These are all you need to run a game set in the Wilderlands. As a bonus, Rob gets the money you spend on these and it is my understanding that none of it goes to the bigot who now owns Judges Guild.
  • Rob Conely's Majestic Wilderlands: Rob put this out several years ago as a supplement to Swords & Wizardry. While the Wilderlands described in it is his own version, there are lots of great ideas to mine.
  • Mines of Custalcon: This is out of print. I used the general ideas in here, but I had to redraw the maps because they were too hard to read. I also had to do a lot of fleshing out as the details in the book are pretty scant. You don't need this.
  • A Magical Medieval Society: This is a great resource on medieval settings. Obviously, the Wilderlands is not set in medieval Europe, but it is meant to carry some of that flavor. I do not need to have a Harn-style, realistic setting for my game, but this helps add an air of "truthiness" to the whole thing. There are also systems in here that can be used to generate conflict and plots.
  • Monster Geographica: Great lists of monsters by terrain type. Useful for making random encounter charts.
  • Harnworld Tournaments: I used this for planning the tournament at Rixia Manor.
  • Chainmail: My jousting rules are partially based on the jousting rules here.


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