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MERP: Dawn of the Fourth Age Session 11


This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.
This session was played on July 19, 2020.
24 Cerbeth F.A. 15
The fellowship left Tharbad and went to the sheep farm outside of town where they had left their horses. They left their horses outside of town because several were showing symptoms of the strange disease and they did not want to risk spreading it to the horses in town. They learned that Banrim, Dirdan, and Elyanis's horses had died, and all of the horses but Sindawe's were showing symptoms. 
They secured some extra horses from Cilis and continued on to Bree. 
25 Cerbeth
During the day, the fellowship noticed a column of horses traveling parallel to them quite a distance away. Dirdan used his invisibility spell to sneak closer to investigate. He determined that there were around 16 men in the column and that they appeared to be former cavalry from the way they rode. They were no longer in any uniform though. Deciding that the men were probably bandits, the fellowship decided to give them a wide berth and let them get a head start in the morning.
26 Cerbeth
An uneventful day of travel. They moved slowly, in hopes of letting the horse column put some distance between them, but were unable to find any herbs while searching.
27 Cerbeth
Early in the day, they spot smoke rising about a mile east of the road. They investigated and discovered a burned out farmhouse and the corpses of a man and a woman. While searching the remains of the farmhouse they found two beds, one for the couple, and one for a child. They decided that the column of horsemen must be to blame and push for the rest of the day to catch them.

28 Cerbeth

They pushed throughout the day to close on the bandits. By nightfall, they are close enough to see their campfire. Dirdan uses his invisibility spell again to sneak into the camp. They see that most of the bandits are asleep, and a young girl is sleeping near the campfire. 

Dirdan uses his charm spell on the bandit leader, and they are able to carefully slip the girl out of the camp without raising an alarm. She tells them that her name is Beulah and that the bandits were taking her to their base southwest of Bree. They also learn that she has family, an aunt and uncle, nearby.

29 Cerbeth

They take Beulah to her family and continue on to Bree.

30 Cerbeth

Uneventful day of travel.

1 Urui

Uneventful day of travel.

2 Urui

They spot a bird circling high above bowshot. They are not able to determine what type of bird it is, but it is very large.

3 Urui

Uneventful day of travel.

4 Urui

Around midday, they see a rider approaching from the south, riding hard. They wait for them to approach and see it is Aelindar, the elf maiden that they met outside the seer's office in Minas Tirith. She tells them that she is carrying a message for Aragorn, who is currently at the rebuilding project on Weathertop. She agrees to travel with them the rest of the way to Bree. They also learn that the horse plague is spreading rapidly through Rohan, and that the skies are black with the smoke from the burning corpses. 

5-7 Urui

Uneventful days of travel. They briefly spot the bird again on the 6th.

8 Urui

Arrive in Bree.


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