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Traveller: Session 11




This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar. This session was run on December 15, 2022. This session contains secret communications between me and the individual players. This means that these recaps do not cover everything that happened in the session. I will be reporting only the information that all players had access to. This portion of the campaign uses Zozer Games excellent Outpost Mars setting for Cepheus Engine.


This session began with the party heading to Adrienne. As the trip was too far to take the rover, 10wPink was transferred to a transport aircraft for this mission. While in Adrienne, they will be able to communicate with the AI even though she cannot physically enter the city herself while embedded in the aircraft.


Adrienne is a city of several thousand built in the side of a hill overlooking Lake Barsoom. The city is entirely indoors as it is built into the hill and not under a dome. The lake is one of the terraforming project's great success stories, frozen water on the surface of Mars. The terraforming project itself, a subsidiary to the European Space Agency (ESA), is headquartered in Adrienne and the city is mostly composed of scientists, engineers, and others working on the project. Traditionally, security was almost non-existent on the project, but recent attacks by Red Mars terrorists have forced the project to screen those entering the city and set up a police force and jail.


After passing through security, the party headed for the jail to interview David Saunders. Saunders is the last employee of Kellington remaining on Mars. He was arrested shortly before the others left on suspicion of trafficking heroin. Drug trafficking is considered to be a serious offense on Mars since the rise in drug addiction, and related problems, amongst the mining workforce over the last few years. Their goal was to convince him to reveal the site of the drill test where they discovered the artifact that Darryl Hall was transporting.


During the meeting with Saunders, they learned that he was selling drugs in hopes of making up some of the cash shortfall that Kellington was experiencing before they went backrupt. He hoped that they would find financial success with the drill prototype if he could stretch their operations for a few more months. He told them that he would be willing to take them to the drill site if they could use their authority with the UNSCO to get him out of prison. They told him they would look into it, but did not promise anything.


After their discussion with Saunders, they met with the ESA sheriff in charge of Adrienne security. He refused their initial request to see Saunders' phone in order to track the drill site location based on privacy concerns. They then asked him if he would be willing to release Saunders to UNSCO custody as he was important to their investigation. He told them that he did not have authority to make that decision and that he would try to have an answer by the next morning.


After leaving the jail, they discovered that Ius Mining had acquired Kellington's rovers after the bankruptcy. They visited the company's offices in hopes of using information stored on the rovers' hard drives to track back to the drill test site. They were informed that all the hard drives had been removed from the rovers at time of purchase, and that this was standard practice because mining concerns were always worried about others jumping their claims.


Finally, they decided to visit Samantha Hall, Darryl's daughter. She was living in Adrienne while working on her PhD. in geology with Arizona State University. She had been told only that her father was killed in a transport crash and not that he was presumed to be inside a strange, alien, black globe. The party explained that she could help them with the investigation into the crash by taking them to the drill site her father had visited. She had accompanied him on one of his trips and, while she weas not sure she knew where it was, she thought she might be able to find it if they got into the area. She was anxious to help in the investigation of her father's death in any way she could.


As they left her apartment the station security alarms went off.


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