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Wilderlands: Session 21


This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

This session was run on October 10, 2022.  



18 Sweetrain 4433


The finale of the jousting tournament was Grant versus Dar. Before the match, Stranger snuck over to cast calm animal on Custalcon’s champion’s mount. He noticed Mok, the strange priest that accompanied Dar, watching him and suspected that he had been discovered. On the first pass, Grant Scored a hit and Dar missed. On the second pass, Grant hit and Dar broke his lance on the paladin’s shield. On the final pass, Grant unseated the hobgoblin for the win. The paladin of Mitra spent a moment basking in the glory of his win and then asked again for knights to take up the quest to find the Light of Piety, but there were no new takers.  


Uggmar sought out Rasaz to apologize for the incident in the tent. When he approached her, she was initially dismissive of his apology, stating that she knew that he had tried to break into Lady Batten’s chest and that is why he was found unconscious on the floor. Eventually, she accepted his apology on the condition that he finally buy her the promised funnel cake. He agreed and, as they were eating, asked if she wanted to be his date to the closing feast that night. She agreed but said that he had to arm wrestle her. She easily defeated him, smiled, and said, “Now we know who is in charge.”


The banquet was in the large tent, and it was cramped quarters. The party sat at a table with Englebart Trout and Robert Boyter, who were making a big show of not speaking to each other. The first course was turkey, which ruffled Duycken’s feathers a bit. This was followed by a glazed ham. While most enjoyed the pork, Stranger mentioned that the vegetable offerings were a bit thin. Gwythian took the chance to talk to Englebart about their earlier discussion of a business arrangement during this course. When Englebart mentioned that his situation had changed drastically with the loss of his inheritance, Gwythian convinced him that he needed a bard now more than ever. He signed Gwythian to a 200 gp a month retainer and a 5,000 gp bonus should he find a noble wife. The final course was candied rabbit. Stranger, insulted, rose from his seat, gave Lady Rixia the evil eye, and stormed out.


After the druid left, Uggmar turned to Rasaz and told her that he felt offended by the decision to serve rabbit. She winked at him, and the two half-orcs flipped the table over. The feast descended into chaos and the party left for the Montu estate.


The party and Sylvianna arrived at the Montu estate where Beauregard met them at the door. He expressed his thanks to Duycken for representing House Montu at the joust. He thought that the drake had done admirably in the tournament and was proud to have him as the final representative of the house. Duycken expressed his condolences for the death of Lady Montu and asked if Sylvianna could cast speak with the dead. While Beauregard was initially hesitant to allow it, he agreed after they described the incident with the specter of Lady Elizabeth and told him that other lives could be in danger.


When the entered the room where Lady Montu’s body lay, they were surprised to see that she appeared to be very pregnant. Beauregard explained that she had been this way for a very long time and that it was one of the unsolved mysteries of her condition. He admitted that it is possible that she could have been a few weeks pregnant at the time of her injury as they had been “familiar” with each other. Uggmar asked him to go on a walk around the grounds with him while the rest attended to Lady Montu.


Sylvianna cast speak with the dead on Lady Montu and she confirmed the information they already had from Lord Anders and Lord Skel. Sylvianna then cast the spell again, but on the fetus this time. They asked its name but got only a screech and a wave of hatred in return. They asked it if it was the demon, but it remained silent. They asked if it was Elizabeth and again it screeched, and they felt the wave of hatred. When they asked if she had killed Lord Anders, she screeched, and they felt a wave of satisfaction. They asked a few more questions and, while not certain, felt that they established that she had fed on her mother’s life essence which kept her alive after the incident forty years ago.


When they were done, they explained to Beauregard that the specter known as Lady Elizabeth at the tournament had been the ghost of his unborn daughter. He was saddened by this, but glad to hear that they thought it no longer presented a danger to others. He informed them that, while control of the land had reverted to Lord Berk when Lady Montu died, Berk had granted him the right to live in the manor house for the rest of his days. He extended an invitation for them to stay when they are in the area. They thanked him and returned to Byrny.


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