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Wilderlands: Session 2


This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

This session was run on April 18, 2022.


This one took a bit long to get out because I got sick the morning after I ran the session and was laid for the rest of the week. We played again on the 25th, and I hope to get that session recap up soon. 

At the end of Session 1, Sir Duycken ran into a bunch of giant rats while pursuing one of the fleeing guards. The party made quick work of the rats while the guards continued to flee. After fighting the rats, they reached the point where they would have to decide between escaping through the tunnel with Sylvianna or continuing on to the manor to retrieve their stuff and Duycken's animals. They decided to try for the manor, but Sylvianna could not come with them because she had important information that she needed to get to her temple. She asked them to recover her armor, shield, mace, and holy symbol and told them that they could keep the potions and scrolls they found amongst her things. She gave them directions through the mines to the ladder up and left through the tunnel.

The party made its way to the ladder up, encountering a couple of goblins on the way, which they dealt with easily. They climbed the ladder and found themselves in a storage room of some kind. After searching through the boxes, they discovered their equipment as well as Sylvianna's items. They found several cleric scrolls and a potion of gaseous form amongst her things. Through the wall to the west, Stranger could hear several guards talking about the prisoner uprising below, debating whether to wake Custalcon. 


They barred the door to the north and made their way east into a pantry. Stranger could hear several women talking and the sound of pots and pans through the door to the east.

Duycken opened the door and tried to use his knightly charms on the women in the kitchen, but the seemed frightened by the sudden intrusion by the duck. Despite their apprehension, the women were willing to direct Duycken to go through the door to the north, then east, then south to get to the stable.

They opened the door to the north to find a guard in the hallway. Uggmar grappled the guard and they beat him into unconsciousness before he could sound the alarm.

After dealing with the guard, they moved into the room to the east without extinguishing their torches to find it full of guards that had been sleeping until they burst in. Duycken rushed passed the guards, making a beeline for the stable door to the south as the others engaged the enemy. 

They managed to get a surprise round on the groggy guards, but once the fighting started the women in the kitchen started beating their pots and pans together. Stranger could here someone moving around and putting on armor through the wall to the north. Custalcon was coming!

As the turkey-mounted duck rejoined the fray, Uggmar ran into the stables in hopes of mounting one of the horses, but he just wound up chasing it in circles. While any individual guard did not present much of a threat, due to the fact that they were unarmed and unarmored, the small wounds were beginning to mount up and the party looked for a way to escape. Gwythian seized on escaping through the window. Uggmar charged back into the fight to help the nearly surrounded Duycken, but tripped over one of the tables. 


More guards started to arrive from the north and Gwythian noticed two guards entering through the stable. Stranger warned that Custalcon was still coming from somewhere to the north as well. Vargr grabbed a table and used it to block the door to the stable, while Gwythian ran around to throw a torch through the exterior stable door to light a fire.

At this point, Custalcon entered the room and began making his way towards the fight. Having taken quite a bit of damage, Stranger was forced to flee through the window. Duycken pointed out that he could hold the guards off while the others fled, but the turkey could not fit through the window. Uggmar, having regained his feet, tossed the potion of gaseous form to Duycken and made his exit. Duycken told Vargr that he had done enough, and the barbarian got out through the window as well.


Once all of his friends were free, Duycken fed the potion of gaseous form to the turkey and wafted it out of the window. Custalcon and his guards were too busy dealing with the burning stable to give immediate pursuit, and the party made its escape out of Trollslore on the road to the east.

Below, I have included a picture of the whole manor for context.


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