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Wilderlands: Session 15




This is part of an ongoing campaign. You can find the other sessions over on the sidebar.

This session was run on August 22, 2022.



14 Sweetrain 4433


After the introductions, Vargr and Uggmar went to the meeting for those participating in the wrestling event. When they entered the arena, they found Tulip arguing with “The Woodcutter”, an older man. The crux of the argument seemed to be Vargr and Uggmar’s participation in the wrestling event. The Woodcutter was complaining that they would mess up his bracket by bringing the total number of wrestlers to ten, and that he “already had a half-orc.” Tulip insisted that Uggmar was part of her crew and that he needed to be included since this was her turf. The Woodcutter agreed to let them in, but insisted on the first set of matches being an elimination to get the bracket down to eight again. Uggmar and Vargr sold him on the idea of a tag team match where they could work together against his wrestlers. They were set to face Kogaglo and The Giant Klaxor in the morning. The other wrestlers are:


Kogaglo: Female half-orc with an eye patch

Sorr: Massive human barbarian

Berthold “Crow’s Nest” Thorpe: Tall, thin human dressed as a pirate

Draven DeLuc: A wiry, impossibly hairy man whose teeth have been filed to points.

Juniper Redwood: A human woman who is completely covered in tattoos.

The Giant Klaxor: A male gnome

Magnum Vapor: A hoop with orange hand wraps

Azariah Cyrodil: A male dwarf with no beard and gold face makeup


After the meeting, Uggmar took Tulip aside to ask about working the tournament. She indicated that Lord Somer had refused to pay protection money, was generally ill-liked, and an open target. Uggmar thanked her and set out to case Lord Somer’s tent.


Gwythian approached the mysterious Lady Elizabeth, who was added late to the group of ladies judging the poetry contest. She was polite and he learned that her father, who recently died, held a manor outside of the City State. They conversed a bit about various places in the city before he took his leave. He asked around but found that no one else seemed to know the mysterious lady.


The party also met with Sir Mar to discuss the concerns he had raised about the Black Knight during introductions. He told them the story about where he had seen the knight’s armor before.


Sabine’s Lot were raiding one of the barrows when the dwarf noticed that the wall in the back of the chamber had been patched up. They broke through the wall to find a passageway that connected to another barrow to the south where Sir Marr found yet another bricked up wall concealing a passage further south. This led to yet another bricked up entrance to a mound, but someone had already looted this mound and broken through the second hidden passage here. They decided to investigate and found a staircase going down.

They descended about fifty feet. At the base of the stairs, there was a jumble of footprints, indicating that the interlopers had come and gone from many directions. They determined that most of the traffic had headed down a passage to the west and followed.

After a short distance, they could hear chanting coming from the hallway ahead. They carefully approached the large chamber and were surprised to find a group of twelve men in a smoke-filled chamber. The smoke carried a heavy, unfamiliar smell and they noticed feelings of light headiness and discomfort when inhaling it. The men were gathered around a strange symbol painted in the floor. One of the men was wearing the same armor as the Black Knight.


The symbol was ringed in candles. Standing in the center of the symbol was a demonic form. It had the general outlines of a man but was swollen in indescribable ways. It was lumpy, and misshapen with long teeth and malformed horns on its head.

Sabine’s Lot, relying only on briefly exchanged glances and no words, fled this sight. They hurried back down the corridor and up the stairs. Once back on the main level, they fled down the passageway the way they came and exited through the first available barrow entrance.


15 Sweetrain 4433


The matches were announced first thing in the morning. Duycken learned that he would be facing Lord Baily and Lord Morely. Gwythian approached Englebart Trout and learned that many of the ladies that were set on marrying him were bound to be disappointed because he had no desire to settle down any time soon. Englebart discussed possibly commissioning a poem from Gwythian at a later date.


The joust began.


Anders v Boyter(Robert)                     6-1

First Pass: They both score hits.

Second Pass: Anders unseats Robert.


After Anders unseated Robert, the Lady Elizabeth offered him a rose, saying that it was compliments of her mother. He seemed confused but accepted the flower.


Custalcon(Dar) v Morely                     11-0

First Pass: Dar breaks his spear on Morely’s shield. Morely almost falls of, but rights himself.

Second Pass: Dar breaks his spear on Morely’s shield.

Third Pass: Dar unseats Morely.


Boyter(Robert) v Blan(Tanya)                         2-7

First Pass: They both score a hit.

Second Pass: They both score a hit.

Third Pass: Tanya unseats Robert.


As Lord Somer was scheduled for the next match, Uggmar and Stranger decided that now was the best time to rob his tent. Stranger started an argument with the guard in front of the tent while Uggmar cut an opening in the back and slipped in. There was one guard sleeping in the tent and he smelled strongly of alcohol. Uggmar grabbed an expensive looking coat, and some cups. He attempted to pick the lock on the chest but was not able so drug the chest through the hole in the back of the tent. He and Stranger hid the chest underneath a nearby tree.


Roset v Somer                         3-2

First Pass: They both miss.

Second Pass: Roset breaks his lance on Somer’s shield. Somer scores a hit.

Third Pass: Roset misses and Somer scores a hit.


Stranger decided to try the lock himself but failed. Seconds later he smelled something burning and smoke started pouring out of the chest. They beat out the fire, but were only able to salvage 4 rings from the wreckage. Stranger had to run as he heard them calling for the start of the first round of archery.


Skel(Arne) v Fiel                                  5-0

First Pass: Arne unseats Lady Fiel.


Stranger scored a respectable 8 points in the first round of the archery tournament, putting him fifth out of the ten entrants.


Berk(Axtris) v Batten                          11-6

First Pass: Axtris and Lady Batten both break their lances.

Second Pass: Axtris and Lady Batten both break their lances.

Third Pass: Axtris unseats Batten, who misses.


The first of the tournament judges was announced with Lady Rixia stating that her choice was Son Kau Pang, the archer the party met in Filmoth Village. He did not respond to the call and Lady Rixia, clearly angry, sent for the guards to fetch him. She announced that Ingrid Skel would be her choice instead.


Rixia(Wolverine) v Norcus(Grunnar)                          9-2

First Pass: The Wolverine breaks her lance on Grunnar’s shield. He scores a hit.

Second Pass: Wolverine and Grunnar both score a hit.

Third Pass: Wolverine unseats Grunnar.


Baily v Duycken                                                           0-6

First Pass: Baily hit and Duycken missed.

Second Pass: Baily unseated Duycken.


Daven v Krutz(Athelnar)                                 1-5

First Pass: Daven scores a hit, but Athelnar unseats him.

After the match, Celine Krutz offered Athelnar her favor and he accepted it.


Sten(Grant) v Batten                           9-2

First Pass: Grant breaks his lance on Lady Batten’s shield. She scores a hit.

Second Pass: Grant breaks his lance on Batten’s shield. She misses.

Third Pass: Grant breaks his lance on Batten’s shield. She scores a hit.


The second tournament judge was announced with Governor Hetalan choosing Lord Blackwell.


Baily v Hops(Mar)                               11-6

First Pass: Both break their lances.

Second Pass: Both break their lances.

Third Pass: Baily unseats Sir Mar.


Sten(Grant) v Anders                          7-6

First Pass: Grant scores a hit and Anders breaks his lance.

Second Pass: Grant scores a hit and Anders breaks his lance.

Third Pass: Grant unseats Anders.


Blan(Tanya) v Townry(Pelnor)                                    9-7

First Pass: They both break their lance.

Second Pass: Tanya breaks her lance. Pelnor scores a hit.

Third Pass: They both break their lance.


The third tournament judge was chosen by random draw. The strange priest Mok, from Custalcon’s lands, was selected. There were some concerned grumblings from the crowd.


Rixia(Wolverine) v Custacon(Dar)                  9-9

First Pass: Wolverine breaks her lance. Dar scores a hit.

Second Pass: Wolverine breaks her lance. Dar breaks his lance.

Third Pass: Wolverine breaks her Lance, but is unseated.


Berk(Axtris) v Trout(Englebart)                                  5-0

First Pass: Axtris unseats Englebart.

Uggmar and Vargr entered the ring to face Kogaglo and Klaxor. The match quickly turned into a free-for-all with The Woodcutter, acting as referee, getting knocked out by a pipe-wielding Kogaglo, while Uggmar had Klaxtor pinned. Stranger used his hoop ability to turn metal into goo on the pipe while Vargr hit the half-orc with a hay bail. Tulip ran in to count the pin on Klaxor, who was no bleeding profusely from a mysterious cut on his head, giving Uggmar the win. Klaxor and Kogaglo were eliminated from the tournament and Uggmar and Vargr were allowed to continue.


Parway v Hops(Mar)                           0-5

First Pass: As they charged towards each other Lord Parway veered off to the side out of reach. Onlookers dove out of the way as his horse ran into the crowd past. He fell from the horse and began vomiting. They scored it as an unseat for Mar.


Daven v Krutz(Athelnar)                                 3-6

First Pass: Daven breaks his lance. Athelnar scores a hit.

Second Pass: Athelnar unseats Daven.


Morely v Duycken                                           0-8

First Pass: Duycken broke his lance and Morely missed.

Second Pass: Duycken unseated Morely.


Skel(Arne) v Roset                              6-2

First Pass: Arne breaks his lance. Roset misses.

Second Pass: Arne misses. Roset scores a hit.

Third Pass: Arne breaks his lance. Roset scores a hit.


Townry(Pelnor) v Fiel(Lady)                            8-0

First Pass: Pelnor breaks his lance. Fiel misses.

Second Pass: Pelnor unseats Lady Fiel.


The commanders for the melee were announced as Lord Blan for the Red Team and Sylvianna for the Blue Team.



Norcus(Grunnar) v Parway                 1-1

First Pass: Grunnar misses and Parway scores a hit.

Second Pass: They both miss.

Third Pass: Grunnar scores a hit and Parway misses.


Somer v Trout(Englebart)                               5-2

First Pass: Somer scores a hit. Englebart scores a hit.

Second Pass: Somer scores a hit. Englebart scores a hit.

Third pass: Somer unseats Englebart.



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