Sunday, August 30, 2015

RPGaDay Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity

I guess I am going to have to make the same choice here as 95% of the rest of the participants and say Wil Wheaton. Not only am I a fan of him as an actor, Stand By Me is one of my favorite movies, but he is a celebrity that plays RPGs that is actively helping the hobby. Wil has a talent for figuring out how to make it interesting to watch other people have fun. I was very skeptical of Tabletop when I first heard about its premise, and I was happily proved wrong. I think that with Titansgrave, he has offered one of the best gateways into the hobby that has ever been available. The show makes role playing look fun, and it communicates what it is all about. That second item has always been a challenge, how do you communicate what an RPG is if no one in the group has any experience with the hobby. I think that prior to Titansgrave, the best answer was Mentzer’s Red Box, and game books in general. I think that Fantasy AGE has the greatest introductory box set ever, a YouTube show.

Titansgrave is not a regular actual play. It isn’t hours long, with people mumbling and looking uncomfortable. It is people who are used to being on camera, actually playing the game, with all the boring parts edited out. It is at once a commercial for the hobby, and a how-to video.

I have to pick Wil Wheaton, not only is he a celebrity that plays RPGs, he is actively promoting the hobby in one of the smartest ways I have ever seen.