Thursday, August 13, 2015

RPG Bucket List

Today, on Venger's Old School Gaming blog, Venger asked what items are on everyone's RPG bucket list. I have several items on mine:

  • Run another long-term Star Wars campaign. I love Star Wars gaming, I have run one Star Wars campaign (FFG) that lasted several months, and another (WEG) that lasted over 4 years. Both were set in the Elrood Sector. My preference would be to run a sequel campaign to my Edge of Empire game from a few years ago. The ending of that game basically set up a follow-on game that would be like Star Wars Voyager. 
  • I want to run a Dungeons & Dragons (or descendant) campaign that heavily mixes standard party-level play with realm management and mass combat. I have started running this type of game before, but out-of-game circumstances have always disrupted it.
  • Back in 2007, I ran two linked GURPS science fiction campaigns. The first dealt with humanity's expansion throughout the solar system, and the second took place on a slower-than-light colony ship on Earth's first extra-solar mission. The first was a military scifi game that was mostly set on a space station. The second was a murder mystery that crossed generations. At the time I ran those games, I had plans for at least two more campaigns in the series. I would love to run them.
  • A RPG set in Alastair Reynold's Revelation Space universe.
  • A serious Rifts game, not one played ironically. This might be possible with the coming of Savage Rifts.
  • I want to run a Call of Cthulhu campaign, I have never run the game.
  • I would love to return to Alternity's Star*Drive setting. I could go either way on actually using the rules.
  • I have most of the Everquest RPG book, I bought them with the intention of running a "people get sucked into the MMO" game. 
  • A gritty, real world, spy campaign.
  • A fantasy game set in Rome.