Wednesday, August 12, 2015

RPG a Day Post 2

7. Favorite free game.

My favorite free game is Stars Without Number. This game has a lot of interesting things going on, I especially like its tagging system. It is high quality all around, so much so that it is hard to believe that it is free.

8. Favorite appearance of a RPG in media.

This is the easiest one so far, Community's "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" episode. This is the closest I have ever seen to D&D being portrayed the way my friends and I played it in high school. There is the awkward flirting, the inappropriate settling personal grudges, and the awkward thing that everyone else realizes is racist, sexist or somehow else horribly inappropriate.

9. Favorite media you wish was a RPG.

This one is really hard, so many properties have been turned into RPGs, and I don't want to say Harry Potter after the guy in the video did. I guess I would have to say the '90s X-Men cartoon. I am not talking about a generic Marvel Universe game, I mean a RPG specifically tailored to simulate that show.

10. Favorite RPG publisher.

This is another easy one, Troll Lord Games. Not only do I love Castles & Crusades, I am personally fond of these guys and love seeing them every year at GenCon. I have to second the love shown for West End Games in the video. I can only think of two companies that ever took a license and really ran with it like it was their own. WEG with Star Wars and ICE with MERP. The WEG Star Wars books were excellent and even helped to shape the reality of the EU and the canon series. I have an immense amount of time played in this version of the game. They just kept adding to that feeling that Star Wars was this big infinite universe for you to explore. Despite the fact that I think FFG's game is a better game, their sourcebooks have not shown the kind of love and understanding of what makes Star Wars exciting. In fact, I think Timothy Zahn, Mike Stackpole, and WEG were the last people to produce Star Wars media that showed this understanding,

11. Favorite RPG writer.

This was another easy one for me, Kevin Siembieda. Wait. I am answering tis question from the standpoint of which RPG books do I like to read? Not which are the best designed, but which are written in such a way that I just like reading them. I love reading Palladium books, I come away with a lot of great ideas, Kevin is super enthusiastic, and the story parts read like a crazy '90s comic book. In fact, I almost always ONLY read these books, I very rarely play the games.

I want to give a quick shout out to the guys who wrote Dread, which I just read. This book was a joy to read, and can certainly just be read. If you run RPGs, you should read dread even if you only run White Box OD&D, without the supplements, using only that murky picture of Gary's dungeon inside a plastic sleeve in a binder. You will get something valuable out of Dread.

I almost cheated on this one and said Shannon Appelcline for Designers & Dragons.