Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Home

Hey everyone, I am moving to be part of another blog. From now on I will be posting at Ideology of Madness in a column named Tragically Trad. This will allow me to reach a larger audience, and will help with the fact that law school can make my posting a bit irregular since there are a bunch of columns there.

I will be covering some ground again. I don't know that I will review every issue again, but I am certainly going to use the increased exposure to talk about Knockspell, Fight On!, and the retro-clones.

You may have a few questions:

What the heck is "Trad"?
"Trad" is a somewhat insulting term that story game people use to describe traditional gaming. Get it, TRADitional?

What's with the rat tails? I got this one from Luke Meyer on the Podgecast. He jokingly claims that all trad gamers have rat tails because that was the haircut of the era.

I have adopted these two things to have some fun with them.

This blog is going to stay here. It is possible that I may still se it for my campaign recaps (of which I am many, many behind). I have not decided yet.

Thank you Grodog for keeping after me about the blog and, for just being a nice internet guy. I will be getting to Knockspell, S&W, and the Adventure Design Deskbook as soon as I get back up to NJ where I accidently left them two weeks ago.