Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RPGaDay Day 19 and Roll 20

Short post tonight since I played a game on Roll20. This actually works out well, I have never really played a Supers game. I ran a session of DC Heroes back in the '90s and I have read Necessary Evil. Based on that small amount of information, I like Necessary Evil More.

I had a good time playing in my first Roll20 game tonight, it was a DCC funnel. We played Sailors on the Starless Sea by Harley Stroh. I had a good time, and Roll20 works really well for this kind of game. We started out to investigate a keep that we believed was connected to the disappearance of many of our fellow villagers. We lost one character (didn't catch name) in a tragic bridge-crossing accident at the very start. 

Once inside the keep. the party investigated a well and hear a strange wailing sound. Two characters started throwing rocks down the well and were momentarily possessed by the urge to jump in the well. One of them died (didn't catch name), the other managed to grab a hold of a chain and pull himself to safety. While in the well his teeth started chattering.

We messed around with a door to one of the towers in the keep, but were unable to open it. We abandoned that idea and investigated a hole outside of a crumbled section of the wall. Drake and Pec climbed down the hole and discovered a circular door with runes on it. Kaax read the runes and determined that they were a poem about Fire, Ice, Storm, and Hate. While we were trying to decipher this poem, Dave pushed the door open and triggered a fire trap. Kaax the Crispy and John the Standing to Close were immolated, Dave somehow escaped. Drake and Pec started to explore the room on the other side of the door. The room was gently glowing and had a 7' tall man in armor lying on a dais in the center of the room, he was covered in inch thick ice. Pec went in to inspect the body and froze. It took a few more frozen people and a human chain but the party managed to pull him out alive. I wonder if this cold room is connected to the well, since the character who survived jumping in had chattering teeth.

We went back up and opened a scary door at the base of another tower. Inside were skeletons and a toad shaped fountain with a basin full of ichor. Rouge went in to inspect the skeleton and could smell burning, he found the skeleton to be hot. The from had gemstone eyes, but we managed to resist that temptation. We did find some weapons, armor, and a locked coffer. After we finished searching, Jake the Hammered poked at the ichor and was crushed by a pseudo-pod. The fountain burst into flames and we retreated, barring the door behind us.

Once outside, Drake opened the coffer and found three shapes wrapped in cloth. Drake unwrapped one and found a cone of incense, the cloth had chaos symbols on it. Drake carefully re-wrapped it, closed the coffer, and put it in his large sack. 

We then bashed down the door that we could not open earlier. We burst into the lower floor of a tower and found a spiral staircase going up along the inside of the wall. We also saw several villagers tied up to the wall, they were guarded by a minotaur and some beastmen. While we managed to defeat these foes, we lost Colop the Impaled, Star the Speared, and Moch the Bee-Covered. We rescued 12 villagers, 8 of which were willing to join us to replace out fallen. We looted the corpses, friend and foe alike, of course.