Sunday, February 27, 2011

TrollCon East Day 2

Just got home from TrollCon, I had a lot of fun. I played Castles and Crusades for close to 10 hours today. The game is a great fast and loose system. Steve from TLG is a great GM, and there were plenty of great players.

I volunteered to run a C&C game every Monday at 6:30 in All Things Fun, Berlin, NJ. If you are in the Camden County/Philly area, feel free to come out. I am thinking about making it a West Marches style game, so people can drop in and out with overall campaign progress. It starts this Monday.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

TrollCon East Day 1

Just got back from the first day of TrollCon East, it was a lot of fun. All Things Fun is a great store, and the owner is super-nice. We did not game tonight, I got to sit at a table with four other people and listen to the guys from Troll Lord Games talk about Castles & Crusades, the gaming industry, and driving across the country. A totally entertaining evening. I also got a digest edition of the elusive Castle Keeper's Guide. It is real, I am holding it in my hands.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the Road to the Tomb of Horrors

Michael Curtis, at the Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope, has posted a really cool idea for a campaign culminating with a run at the Tomb of Horrors. As soon as I read this it brought to mind an area like the Valley of Kings, full of trapped filled tombs to be plundered. This could be a lot of fun, especially if the game was more Swords and Sorcery influenced and focused on Conan style warriors instead of the classic party set-up. This would require that the referee has thought the traps all the way through so that the players could reason through avoiding/disarming them (this will not be news to old school players). There are several great books out there with detailed drawings and explanations of the working of traps.
It doesn't really matter what edition the books are intended for since we are after the diagrams here.

Reviving This Blog

I am going to attempt to revive this blog. Law school is taking less of my time now that it is drawing to a close, and I have a lot of stuff built up that I can write about. I also have some projects that I have started working on that I will cover here. They are all intended for my personal use, so I will offer them here for anyone else who wants to tinker with them or comment on them.

  • @ttack: A stripped down version of early fantasy role-playing games that will emulate the play in a roguelike. It will focus on random item identification, random dungeons, and solo/referee-less play
  • Inspired by my latest read-through of the LotFP Referee Manual, I have decided to make up a list of unique monsters. I want to shift the enemies in my game away from the standard roster and move towards the unique and mysterious. These will be monsters to be used rarely, that will be completely unknown to the players
  • My own detailed wilderness exploration rules. There is likely a long wilderness trek in the near future of my Stonehell campaign. I want it to focus on man versus nature more than random monster encounters. I will need these rules to allow for more detail than what is general included in core rulebooks, but not reach the insanity present in the Wilderness Survival Guide. I will be covering many of the same areas of the WSG but in less detail.
  • First: A sci-fi game inspired by '70s sci-fi TV like Space:1999. The game will center in humanity's first faster-than-light ship. The ship was built by a conglomeration of state, super-state, military, and business interests. Each interest will have different objectives it wants to achieve from the exploration mission. The players will play the representatives of those different interests and try to sway a weak captain, while having to work together to survive. While I want to keep the cool silver jumpsuit/mini-skirt aesthetic of the period's shows, I will be limiting aliens to the really alien. No people with funny foreheads.
  • I may be running an introductory game soon for people that have never played before. I want to use a vampire, but not the modern angsty and sparkly kind. I want an old-time, aristocrat vampire that literally leaches off the poor folk. I also want the vampire to be a surprise. I want to use LotFP for this.
  • A con game involving monster hunting with miniatures. I was inspired by a recent article in Wargamer Illustrated about a medieval monster hunting wargame. I want to do it with a bidding system instead of dice. It will involve a small number of miniatures and terrain. I would like to run it at a con and have the winner take the game home with them.
  • A cyberpunk game using old school style rules that features the tunnels under Paris and the 'net as two parallel megadungeons.
These are the things I am planning on working on over the next year. My Stonehell game continues and has passed the one year mark at this point. The players have pretty much cleared out the first level and have started to make tentative forays into the second level. They have had their first encounters with the highly trained hobgoblins. The Knights of Dar Janix have taken over their base town, this offers new chances to learn spells, but there are strings attached. The ranger teleported himself to a far away cave in an arctic wasteland. A cave that shows signs of being of ancient dwarf construction. The ranger will face a long trek back to his party across uncharted wilderness.