Friday, September 11, 2015

City Month Day 8

This is what I have worked out for the background of the city so far.

A thousand years ago, the Prime Material Plane was devoured by a strange extra-planar force. The great wizards and scientists of the worlds of the Prime Material Plane had time to construct 12 Sphere Arks with which to save as many people (now called Primers) as possible. These Sphere Arks were set adrift in the multiverse to find a new home for the Primers. The Sphere Arks are the height of the Magitech art. Each sphere houses tens of thousands of Primers in a city built on its inner surface. The Sphere Arks' surfaces protect them from many of the dangers of interplanar travel, but their residents must still go out to explore, and outsiders still must come in to trade.

Sphere One has drifted long and far, and still there is no sign of a place to call home. Many generations have lived and died in the Ark ad the memories of life in the Prime Material Plane have faded to legends. Knowledge of Magitech has faded and the wondrous machines that the Ark depends on are falling into disrepair. Occasionally, caches of Magitech items are found, but they are few and far between. It has been centuries since the last time another Sphere Ark was sighted, and the residents of Sphere Ark One have to accept the fact that they may be the last of their kind.

The characters are members of the Prime Guard, the police force of the city. Keeping peace in this town is a hard job. Sphere Ark One has collected a strange mix of residents over centuries of drifting between the planes; demons, elementals, and outsiders of every kind inhabit the city now. They commit every sort of crime you can think of, and come up with new ones every day.