Monday, September 7, 2015

City Month Day 3

I wound up being offline for most of the weekend because my in-laws visited. I will try to catch up over the next few days.

When I last posted about my city project, I was trying to decide which kind of city to design. I have settled on a weird city. While the details will come out as I work through the next few weeks, I have made some general decisions about the city. The city will be an interdimensional city, the city is built on the inside wall of a sphere that bobs up and down through the planes. The city is always moving from one plane to another, the environment outside of the city is in constant flux. Due to changing nature of its surroundings, the city is inhabited by a diverse spectrum of people.

I am going to have to define the cosmology that surrounds the city, at least at a rough level of detail. Right now I anticipate that this city would serve as the focus for any campaign set in it. Most of the action would take place in the city itself, there would only be brief excursions to the outside environment.

My next task is to decide on the kind of game I want to have. Will it be pure fantasy, science fantasy, modern urban fantasy, or something more horror influenced? Following that decision I need to select a game system and loosely describe the planes that the city moves between.