Thursday, September 10, 2015

Around the Web September 10

Some cool stuff I saw today:

USGamer has a story about an OC Remix of the FFIX soundtrack. I love both USGamer and FFIX. FFIX is high on my list of games to replay once I play all the games I haven't played. So that will probably never happen. SquEnix needs to remake it so I have an excuse. 

Troll Lord Games launched a Kickstarter for a new printing of Classic Monsters. I have the first printing and I love it. If they hit the color stretch goal, I will be backing it. I have participated in their Kickstarters in the past and have had no problems. They delivered. 

Venture Beat has a story on the upcoming Baldur's Gate "expansion" from Beamdog, Dragonspear Castle.

The Escapist has a story about the never-filmed D&D movie from the '80s. It sounds like it had a lot in common with the D&D cartoon. Young people get pulled into a D&D world from the real world. It seems to fall into a common fantasy movie trap; it doesn't use many details from the property it is drawing from. This was a problem with the D&D movies that were eventually made. 

The Dice Tower has a review up for the new Star Wars Risk which, surprisingly, is not actually a Risk game. It is actually an update to the old Queen's Gambit game. It is a largeky positive review and I generally trust Tom's opinion.