Saturday, November 16, 2013

Swords and Wizardry at the FLGS Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be running a Swords and Wizardry game at my local gaming store, High Tide Games. This is the same store that I run Edge of Empire in every week (last weeks play report coming soon). hopefully I will be running the game for many of the same people. I billed the game as Basic D&D on the stores calendar, because I assume that the awareness of the Swords and Wizardry name is not very high.

I will be using a heavily house-ruled version of S&W that I like to use at conventions. I draw heavily on Akrasia's Swords & Wizardry house rules, as well as various other house rules that I have picked up over my years of OSR reading, and many that I have developed myself. I am thinking about posting these rules, the problem is, I have no idea where I got half of them anymore, and I am not sure if they are all Open Gaming content. I may post them after further investigation.

The players will playing in my long-running campaign world that contains my Castles and Crusades City State of the Invincible Overlord game, my OSRIC Stonehell game, my Savage Worlds Ruby Isles game, my old high school 2nd Edition game, my summer games during college, and many a convention game. As always, all events will be canon.

This game will be a one-shot that centers on the refugee city outside the walls of Dar Janix. Dar Janix is a great marble city of towering spires, built on a large island in the middle of the ocean. It is home to an order of knights who were forced to flee the mainland after The Overlord began large scale conquest a few centuries ago. As the Overlord sought to expand his grasp across the ocean to the New World tens of thousands of refugees from those unexplored lands made their way to Dar Janix seeking help.

Eventually the knights would no longer let the refugees in the city, but allowed them to live in the old warehouse district on the docks. Over the years that district has grown into a Kowloon-like city several stories high, filled with all styles of architecture and people from all over the world. The players will take the roles of characters looking for their break to move up out of the refugee city. They may just get their chance when news arrives that a Castle Whale has been sighted not far from Dar Janix.

A Castle Whale is a whale hundreds of feet long, that lives for many centuries. When it dies, its body hardens instead of rotting, and it remains afloat. Their corpse can essentially be made into a floating castle. It appears that someone already made this Castle Whale into a lair, and abandoned it. It may be full of treasure... and danger.  

I'll be packing my copy of Dungeon Alphabet for this one as well.