Monday, November 4, 2013

Edge of Empire 10: Blow

In last week's session of Edge of Empire, the party decided to run some guns to the rebels on Derilyn. The party's loyalties are starting to get muddled. They are made members of Lud Chud's crime family, they joined the local rebel cell, there is at least one member (Kal) studying to become a Jedi, and one member (IG-13) that is a droids' rights advocate. These are just the loyalties that they have made public to each other, there may be other, secret loyalties that have not come out yet.

They decided to attempt some upgrades to their ship before leaving. They attempted to upgrade their defenses and add an ECM module. The defense upgrade did not go well, but they did manage to add an ECM module to provide some missile defense. This would turn out to be very useful for the night's adventure.
Well they could sort of do it anyway

After upgrading, and healing, they headed out for Derilyn. They were using a contract that Paz Nor "acquired" as their cover. The contract was for Bantha steaks. They hid the guns in their smuggling compartments. Kal, concerned about his earlier arrest, hid in the smuggling compartment with the guns. Sadly, Kal is not a particularly stealthy fellow and he was breathing rather heavily when the Derilyn customs official boarded the ship. Luckily, Caitlin and Anoon thought fast and faked a problem with the air handling system and they managed to get through the inspection without incident.

As they were descending from orbit they made contact with Melodia, the leader of the local rebel cell, who was pinned down with her team in the ruins of Paran, a city decimated by the imperials from orbit. They decided to pull her out and headed for the city. Tarn, the pilot, dropped IG-13, Kal, and Sal a few blocks south of the firefight and began strafing the imperial vehicles.

Like this, but without space commies

The rebels were split into two groups that were cut off by an armored column. The southern group was pinned down in a destroyed residential block, while the northern group was in an abandoned mall. Tarn and the others on the ship were able to take out the light armor attacking the southern group and then moved on to deal with the anti-aircraft weapons in the column. IG-13's group arrived a few minutes later and mopped up the stormtroopers attacking the southern rebels. While the ground contingent was dealing with the stormtroopers, Tarn started taking heavy fire from missile launchers in the armored column. The ship took heavy damage from one missile, but with the help of their new ECM package, they were able to destroy the missile launchers.

After they pulled the southern rebels out, the northern group managed to escape by destroying the mall they were fighting in. Melodia agreed to buy the weapons from them but said that she had no cash. Instead she offered them spice, and lots of it. She offered to cut them in for 10% of a 500 lbs. spice deal if they would smuggle the spice back to Elrood. She further offered to cut Paz Nor in for another 10% if he could move the spice. The remaining 80% is to be left with her agent on Coyn. As spice goes for about 100K a pound, the party was being offered a huge score. After almost no discussion, they agreed to take the deal.

They don't make Jedi like they used to

Melodia asked them to help her with two other issues, she has one rebel unit that has gone bad and she has information on the Sector Moff's public schedule that will allow for an assassination attempt. The rebel group gone bad had gone really bad, like collecting ears bad. Kal confronted them and managed to use his Influence Force Power to convince their rat tailed leader and his band of mulleted thugs to tone it down and be less brutal.

No twerking in the comments

They came up with a pretty clever plan to take out the Moff. They got IG-13 up on a tall building, while Kal and Lockett stood by to create a diversion. The rest of the group left the dock in the ship right before IG-13 shot the moff and picked him up on their way out of town. This ruse allowed them to leave the system, even though it was being put on lockdown. When the imperials checked the logs they saw that the ship had already left when the moff was shot, and they let them go.