Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Edge of Empire 11: Blown

The party returned to Elrood after escaping from Derilyn and met with Paz Nor to pitch him on the spice deal. Paz Nor did not seem pleased with the deal they had struck with the rebels. To recap, they accepted spice in return for the weapons they smuggled onto Derylin. The party would get 10% of sales for transport and Paz Nor would get 10% of the sales for use of his distribution system. The rest of the money is to be delivered to a rebel agent on Coyn. Because of the large amount of spice and its high street value, both Paz Nor and the party stand to gain many, many times the value of the weapons from this deal. Paz Nor insists that they meet with Lud Chud, head of the crime family, to explain their actions.

Before leaving for Lud Chud’s hideout the party took care of some business in town. Kal put out some research requests for information on the pyramid rumored to be hidden somewhere under Elroodeen and learned that the pyramid was inside of an artificial hill built for the Lazer Ball Stadium. Old, pre-burial pictures of the pyramid show that there was a lens on top. The pyramid may still be accessible through footing inspection tunnels beneath the stadium. IG-13 put out some feelers to see if he could learn who was leading the various violent anti-droid groups.

The party traveled, blindly, out to Lud Chud’s hideout, but Lockett managed to figure out where they were located. The hideout was a large mound with a tunnel opening, the party could hear the sound of millions of locusts coming from inside. As they ventured into the tunnel the locust sound got louder, and they saw Lud Chud, a giant, insect-like creature in the middle of the hollowed mound. Lud Chud was in the middle of shaking down Jegan Mor, a brilliant doctor with a gambling addiction. Lud Chud praised them for their initiative in striking the arms-for-spice deal and floated the idea that the crime family should take all of the proceeds from the sales instead of returning any of the money to the rebel agent on Coyn. The party resisted this suggestion, reminding him that they could form a long term relationship with the rebel cell on Derilyn that could prove profitable. Lud Chud countered that at a 10% cut they would need to make 10 runs in order to collect what he could get from taking 100% of this run, and he had doubts about the rebels’ ability to survive that long.

That's 10% of 10% Flash

IG-13 came up with a plan where they would force the rebels to take payment in credit to be spent with Lud Chud and a stipulation that no item purchased could have more than 90% of its price covered by the credit. This would force the rebels to spend the credit with Lud Chud and still inject new cash in every transaction. Lud Chud congratulated IG-13 on the plan, commenting that he did not know “tools” were capable of such creativity. Lud Chud instructed them to take Jegan Mor with them and to use his connections with the Children’s Hospital System to distribute the drugs.
When the party returned to Elroodeen they split up. Anoon and Lockett went with Paz Nor to The Pit to distribute the spice to the mules. Caitlin, Tarn, and Neelo worked on modifying the ship. Sal went to the financial district to make some investments. IG-13 had discovered that a dentist named Dr. Lester McCoy was the prime instigator of the anti-droid violence and decided to bug his home and office, Kal and Jegan volunteered to help.

They accidentally tripped an alarm while attempting to bug McCoy’s house and had to flee. Kal volunteered to get an appointment with Dr. McCoy at his office to plant bugs there. Kal managed to plant bugs in the waiting room and the doctor’s personal office without incident, but had to endure a terrifying dental procedure to plant the final bug. He escaped unscathed. 

Is it safe?

Sal finished his investment trip and headed back to The Pit, where Anoon was waiting for the final mule to arrive after Lockett went to help with the ship.As Sal walked into the bar, Anoon stepped out for a deathstick, a few minutes later Anoon saw the mule approaching The Pit. He sensed that something was not right with the mule, he was too clean cut, and began walking away from The Pit as the mule entered. Anoon let the others know his suspicions via comlink. Immediately after Paz Nor showed the mule the spice police encircled the building and began arresting everyone inside, repulsor-tanks hovered overhead. Sal, deciding that as an imperial deserter this would not end well for him, decided to make a break for it. 

Probably only three of them out there

He dove through the front window but got hung up in the wires in the glass. After cutting himself free, he ran full tilt towards the police cordon. Police, crouching behind their hover car began firing on Sal, landing several hits. As Sal ran towards the cordon, IG-13 raced towards The Pit in his speeder. He decided to ram the vehicle that Sal was running towards, killing one of the ISB agents firing on Sal. As the other ISB agents dove for cover, Sal slid under the ISB speeder. Jegan, thinking fast, jumped out of IG-13’s speeder, flashed his medical badge, and began administering first aid. In the confusion Kal and Jegan managed to get Sal into the speeder and get away.

The party returned to Lud Chud’s lair to report the incident and inform him that Paz Nor had been arrested. He informed them that he expected them to step up and take Paz Nor’s place, and that he would have to eliminate Paz Nor before he could talk. The players decided to head to Coyn next week to investigate rumors of a pyramid there and deal with the rebel agent.