Monday, November 25, 2013

Edge of Empire 12:

Session 12 started with the characters heading off to Coyn with two goals. They intended to meet with Tamaron Pol, the rebel contact for the drug deal and force Lud Chud's deal on him. They also wanted to explore the second ancient pyramid to get another data point for their Dyson sphere search. Coyn is home to a proud warrior race, kind of like space Klingons (errr). They arranged to meet their rebel contact in the alien quarter at a bar.

As they approached the bar they were surprised to catch sight of Braddock drinking with Nills.

No, not that Braddock, the Road Dog.

Get it out of your system, I'll wait.

After they convinced Pol to take the deal, they wandered over to talk to Braddock and Nills. They found out that the Road Dogs had some rough missions recently and the two mercenaries were in town recruiting Coynites. As they were talking Kal used his Sense power to read Nills surface thoughts and learned that Nill and Braddock were actually ISB agents tasked with following the group. As they parted ways with Road Dogs, IG-13 lagged behind and noticed them meeting with a woman.

The party made its way to a speeder bike rental shop to arrange for transportation to the pyramid. Instead of paying the shop owner for the bikes, Kal inexplicably challenged him to a duel. Coynites, wearers of the warrior hat, are unable to refuse a duel because of a poorly explained honor system. The shop owner set the condition that if Kal won the group would get the bikes, if the shop keeper won, he would get the group's ship. The duel would be to the death.

Kal and the shop keeper engaged in an epic vibroblade duel, Kal eventually managed to knock the shop keeper prone, but broke his vibroblade. Kal scooped up the shop keeper's vibroblade and demanded his surrender. The shop keeper refused, and Kal finished him with a blow to the head. As the group rode away on their speeder bikes, Kal saw a coynite child clutching his broken sword and staring after them. A single tear rolled down the child's cheek.

As they headed for the pyramid they realized that the Road Dogs and a woman were following them. They pulled over to wait for them and IG-13 hid in the trees to cover them. Kal told him that removing his hood was the signal to fire. As they approached, Lockett realized that the woman was a former lover who had betrayed him to a crime boss. Kal recognized her as Dr. Randesh. Dr. Randesh had stopped the party to talk to Mia So in the spaceport on Elrood.

As they talked it was revealed that her real name was Milla and she was with the Imperial Security Bureau, as soon as he heard this Kal dropped his hood. There was immediate chaos. IG-13 shot Milla in the throat and she fell to the ground. Braddock grabbed his light repeating blaster, and unloaded in Kal's chest. Nills shot Lockett's arm off, and went down himself after a blast to the face. Kal closed on Braddock and sliced him up with a vibrosword. Jegan threw some kind of tranquilizer dark and hit Braddock. Just as it looked like a bloodbath was certain, Anoon jumped out and demanded everyone stop.

Anoon explained that he had been working with Milla and the ISB the whole time, and that she had help him escape when he was a slave. He explained that she and the ISB agents were trying to stop the Seekers from uncovering whatever was in the Dyson Sphere, and that they were concerned that a super weapon could fall into Tanda Pryl's (captain of the Thunderflare) hands.

The group decided to not kill the ISB agents and Jegan gave them a drug to mess with their short term memory. They continued on towards the pyramid.