Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gaming with my Daughter: Fairy Adventure 1 (No Thank You, Evil)

After seeing me run No Thank You, Evil at GenCon, my daughter became very interested in playing it again. We started out with the "Race Against Time" adventure found in the box set. She has actually played this one before, but did not remember it. At the end of that adventure, when Whizbang asked what time she wanted to go to, she answered, "Fairy Time". So I quickly sketched out Fairy Time.

I decided I wanted something that would be simple enough for a 6-year-old to grasp, but complex enough for me to iterate on as she matured. This is in keeping with the way NTY,E is designed. The game rules are in tiers of increasing complexity.

I decided that the fairies were created by the All Tree, the fruit of which is the source of all life in the world. The fairies were made to defend and serve the All Tree during its long sleep after taking root on Earth. As the tree has to be defended at all times, there must always be fairies defending it. Because of this, there are three different kinds of fairies. All of the fairies are powerful and mischievous. None are evil. They have varying different levels of experience with humans and levels of understanding of how pranks might hurt them.

1) Sunshine Court: Gold color. Awake during the day. Very used to interacting with humans, so they are aware of human frailties and the possible negative impacts from any pranks.

2) Twilight Court: Purple color. Awake during the transition periods. Some experience with humans. They would not intentionally harm a human or hurt their feelings, but they do not have a good understanding of the impact of their pranks.

3) Midnight Court: Silver color. Awake only at night. Almost no interaction with humans. They do not even consider humans or the impact their pranks might have on them. Humans are like dolls or animals to them.

In the adventure we ran today, she arrived in the Fairy Time to find a group of people gathered around a crying woman. From a sunshine fairy, Calliope, She learned that the crying woman was worried about her daughter, Mattie. Mattie went to get Feather-Toothed Penguin Fairy (from Uh-Oh, Monsters!) feathers to make a coat. She went into the forest, and now it is getting dark and she hasn't come back. Calliope explained the basics of the fairy types and offered to have her friend, Moon Mist, a Twilight Fairy, go along to help.

Moon Mist, my daughter, and her pony companion set off into the woods. My daughter decided to climb a tree to see if she could see Mattie. A successful Fast check let her find a trail that Mattie might have followed. They started down the trail.

After a while, they encountered another Twilight Fairy, Star Shadow. After learning their mission, Star Shadow claimed that she had seen Mattie in another direction. My daughter decided not to trust her because it might be a prank, and Moon Mist agreed. They continued to follow the trail.

A few hours passed and Moon Mist told her that he would have to go, it was time for him to fade for the night. He warned her again about Midnight Court fairies before leaving. When she reached a clearing, she found Mattie crying with a silver fairy hovering over her. Slice of Night, the silver fairy, tricked them into saying they wanted directions the "whole" way out of the forest and used a spell to put them at the bottom of a very deep hole.

My daughter used her pony's Best Buds cypher to escape and get Mattie home.

She took to the fairy types even better than I expected and was very excited to meet all three. I will probably make some more adventures using this concept.

During GenCon, she also played Threadbare and really liked it. I picked it up and I am reading through it now. 

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