Saturday, August 25, 2018

CoC, SWN, Fairfax Comic Con and R. A. Salvatore

Tonight, I finished my CoC adventure for my friend's 'zine. It wound up being quite a bit longer, and taking more effort, than I originally estimated, but I am pretty happy with it. With that out of the way, I can turn my attention to prepping my online SWN game. We have our Session 0 on the 6th, so I have a couple of weeks to get ready. I plan to let my players dictate a lot of what the setting will look like. I will leave it up to them whether we have psychic powers, AI, and aliens. I plan to rough out the sector and some other details. I will cover that process here.

I went to the first Fairfax Comic Con today. It was a bit bigger than I expected, for a first effort, but it was still pretty thin on events. I didn't take any pictures, because there wasn't really anything worth photographing. I did pick up a cheap dinged paperback copy of DCC and another copy of the Moldvay Basic Set. The box is a bit worn, but the books are practically new.

This week I read R. A. Salvatore's Child of a Mad God. It takes place in his Demon Wars world, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It has a detailed magic system and an interesting female main character. I have not read one of his books in years, and that turns out to have been a mistake. I think in my early 20s, I considered his writing to be juvenile (as in "for kids"), but I do not think that way anymore. After reading this book, I would describe his writing as accessible. That is not a bad thing at all. I may revisit Drizzt between new books this year. It has been a long time...

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